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The door of the meeting room was pushed open by someone and a beautiful and dazzling teenager appeared at the entrance unexpectedly.

"Sorry to interrupt." The lips of this stunning teenager moved slightly, showing off his manly charms.

Everyone in the meeting room was already accustomed to all kinds of beauty but was still stunned by this teenager's looks.

However, someone quickly recovered his composure.

When Zhou Wen Bin saw that chainman Chu's decision was abruptly interrupted, he felt annoyed and stared sternly at the face before him, "Who are you? Who allowed you in?!"

Behind the teenager, Han Xian Yu's little a.s.sistant said meekly, "This... This gentleman here said that he has a way to solve Han Xian Yu's crisis..."

The corners of Zhou Wen Bin's lips trembled and his expression turned uglier, "Fei Yang, is this person under you? Don't you know the rules? Do you know what kind of place this is? How could you simply allow a stranger in? Where's the security?! Drag this person out!"

Chu Hong Guang furrowed his brows and also felt upset as he looked at the young man at the door. 

A number of security guards rushed over quickly and prepared to grab the teenager.


The teenager's mocking gaze swept across the brawny security guards. The smirk on his face widened as he continued to stand there and said calmly, "If chairman Chu wants to personally destroy this money tree, then you may get security to escort me out."

The little a.s.sistant was also worried about this mess; she only realized her recklessness for allowing a stranger in after being scolded. But when she saw the unclouded gaze of the young man, she felt a strange peacefulness.

It seemed like Chu Hong Guang was. .h.i.t with a piercing blow right at his weak spot by the words "money tree." His gloomy face was stunned and just as the security guards were about to take action, he suddenly said:


The security guards immediately stopped moving. Zhou Wen Bin's face darkened further and there was a hint of unease in his eyes.

Chu Hong Guang looked sternly at the teenager, "Our friend here, who exactly are you and do you really have a solution to Han Xian Yu's incident?"

"That's right," the teenager spoke calmly and curled his lips, making his face appear even more stunning. 

Many managers in the meeting room were secretly astonished by the look of this teenager; they couldn't help but wonder where this beautiful boy popped out from.

Chu Hong Guang frowned slightly. He really couldn't bear to let Han Xian Yu go. If he had a choice, he would never chop this money tree off. When he heard the teenager had a solution, even if it was just a shred of hope, he'd definitely grab hold of it. He asked eagerly, "What's your solution?" 

Zhou Wen Bin saw that Chu Hong Guang was persuaded and immediately stared at the teenager, a hint of gloominess in his eyes.

As long as Han Xian Yu was gone, the male celebrity he managed, who was qualified to act in the same roles as Han Xian Yu, would be able to ride on Han Xian Yu's coattails and become famous immediately.

He had waited for this chance for so long and finally had an opportunity to destroy Han Xian Yu had appeared. How could he simply let someone else mess this up for him?

"Boss, we don't even know who this person is. How can we trust him? What if he's a spy from Emperor Sky..."

The teenager stroked his sleeves when he heard that and smirked, "If I'm a spy from Emperor Sky, I would be throwing a party at this moment; I'm afraid I wouldn't have the time to visit your company."

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