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Just keep pressuring that I'm gay so I can prove to you that I'm not - In the Philippines, it's a famous saying that the way to prove a man is not gay is to kiss a woman. Rico was pushing Jhing to make him prove his stance so he can kiss her. Day 67


Rico: Are you okay now?


Jhing: Am I not?

Rico: You were in a bad mood last night ah?

Jhing: Nah. I’m alright.

Rico: 'Cause I'm here for you? :”>

Jhing: No. It's because I'm so close to murdering you.

Rico: How sweet o(*u*)o


Jhing: You’re a very positive kid.

Rico: I'm not a kid. I'm 24 already.

Jhing: 24? More like 12.

Rico: Baby face. (。◕‿◕。)

Jhing: Baby brain.

Rico: Are you insulting me?


Jhing: I will never insult you, baby Rico. I’m just telling the truth.



Rico: I'm your baby now? :””>

Rico: Awwww Jhing, we're on the next level now.

Rico: HashtagBlushingToTheBones

Jhing: Fuck


Jhing: That's not what I meant!

Jhing: Shutanginames. Because you act like a baby! That's what it was!

Rico: Baby Rico. So cute :”>

Jhing: No! Ughhh childish!

Rico: Then there's Baby Jhing :”>

Rico: Baby :”>

Jhing: STOP IT!

Rico: You're the one who started it, Baby Jhing

Jhing: Tangina?!


Rico: Don’t say bad words, Baby Jhing.

Jhing: UGHHH gross tangina this is disgusting!!

Rico: Why, Baby Jhing? What happened?

Jhing: Putangina stop calling me that!

Rico: Stop what, Baby Jhing?

Jhing: I’ll fucking kill you.

Rico: Don't, Baby Jhing

Jhing: Enough!


Rico: Baby Rico first. :”>

Jhing: What?!

Rico: Call me Baby Rico first, Baby Jhing. :">

Rico: Ay wait, it should be Baby Jesus hehe.

Jhing: Enough of that already!


Rico: Hahahahahahahahaha this is making me laugh.

Jhing: You’re fucking enjoying this?

Rico: Baby Jhing throwing tantrums is really cute.


Jhing: WTF

Rico: Hahaha I'll stop before you throw away your laptop or cellphone or desktop in anger.

Jhing: Laptop.

Rico: I'm using laptop too! We're the same. 


Rico: HashtagDestiny :”>

Jhing: K.

Rico: Hahahahahaha!


Rico: I have a question.


Jhing: What?

Rico: Did something new happened to you today?

Jhing: Why do you keep on asking that?


Rico: Curious.


Jhing: Nothing.

Rico: Nothing, really?


Jhing: Is there something supposed to happen ?

Rico: Your life is boring. 

Jhing: Wow I'm so embarrassed, your life must be exciting.

Rico: It is.


Rico: Ask me why. :”>

Jhing is typing. . .


Rico: But of course you're not gonna ask because you don't care about me. 


Jhing: Ok, tell me.

Rico: Really?

Jhing: Yeah.


Rico: Seriously?

Jhing: You turned into a coward? Are you really a man?

Rico: Am I gay?


Jhing: Maybe.

Rico: No ah.

Jhing: Ok.


Rico: Just keep pressuring that I'm gay so I can prove to you that I'm not¹.

Jhing: Bwisit, I'm sleeping!

Rico: Fine, here goes.


Rico: My life is exciting because you know.

Jhing: ?

Rico: I'm handsome.


Jhing: ._.


Rico: Wait.

Jhing: What?

Rico: Do you have a mirror?

Jhing: Why?


Rico: I know a magic trick.

Jhing: Huh?

Rico: Get a mirror, I'll do some magic.

Jhing: I don't want to.

Rico: Hurry up! So stubborn.


Jhing: Wow, you're the one to talk.

Rico: Please?

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