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He Jichen heard Ji Yi's response and turned to look over at Zhuang Yi. "Take her first to China World Hotel, Beijing to get something to eat. I already booked a table."

So even though he's busy, he still thought about my lunch?

"Got it, Mr. He." Ji Yi heard Zhuang Yi's polite reply to He Jichen and the sorrow in her chest instantly turned sweeter.

"Also, I already told them to put it on my tab."

"Got it, Mr. He."

After He Jichen finished giving his orders, he looked back at Ji Yi. "Order what you want to eat."

Ji Yi didn't know why she was so happy, but she when she nodded at He Jichen, her lips couldn't help but lift up.

"After you get home, remember to give me a call," reminded He Jichen.

"Got it..." After Ji Yi replied to He Jichen, she pointed at the car door behind him. "So I'll get in the car now."

He Jichen let out a gentle "Mm." After Ji Yi got into the car, He Jichen said to Zhuang Yi in the driver's seat: "Drive slowly."

"Yes, Mr. He."

He Jichen then said "Goodbye" to Ji Yi and helped her close the car door.

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