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Chapter 4-2 

Tifa welcomes Takeru and the others who returned to the tower with the reward from the goblin subjugation.

「Welcome back, Master and everyone.」

Because state inside the tower is quite different, I ask her.

「I tried to devise a variety of things when master was away.」

As I hear it, it seems that the first floor is utilized as a shop and a warehouse, like a commercial space. I hear that people involved in those stay and sleeps there.

The second floor was made as residential space for people living by monster hunting, medicinal herb gathering, etc..

「How about master? If you are dissatisfied, I'll change it immediately.」

「It may be good.」Takeru agrees.

「After that, I was able to get the cooperation of the villagers in developing the tower.」

It seems that a percentage of magic core from hunting and gathered medicinal herb will be paid to the tower as rent.

When the anxious Takeru asks the villagers' leader,

「There is no problem at all. We were consulted by Tifa-dono and even though we only have poor ability, we wanted to cooperate with the development of the tower.」

Takeru thanked her and said to not overdo it.

「Well, first of all.」

Takeru pulled out a necklace from his luggage bag.

It is something that is not so expensive which he purchased secretly in the tool shop. It is a souvenir for Tifa who cannot leave the tower.

「Tifa, this is for your hard work.」

As I say that, I put it in Tifa's neck.

「Master, master, I'm glad. Thank you.」

Because Tifa's eyes becomes teary and gave me a hug, I pat her.

It seems that the other females are staring and saying "Uuuu" here….. but this is a souvenir.

I already asked Tifa to give me a status appraisal when she greeted us as we came back.

We've defeated powerful enemies so everyone's level might have rise.

Eclair rose three levels to 34.

Her air tornado has developed into air storm(fourth tier). It power up from whirlwind to tornado.

Her accel move also developed into Sonic Move(third tier). Movement speed has increased further.

Feene rose five levels and reached level 20.

Although there was no major change in skills, she got enough magical power to use the third tier frost flame.

Leiria rose four levels to 20.

She got a new skill, a water attribute protection skill, Protection Aqua(second tier).

Ordega has raised two levels and goes to 27.

He got a new skill called Shield Smash(second tier).

This is a skill that can damage by ramming the opponent with his equipped shield.

It is a perfect skill for Ordega who will be our key for defense in the future.

Takeru also got a new skill, Blunting Speed(fifth tier).

This is an original skill dedicated to add effect to Takeru's Aura Circle. It greatly hinders action speed such as movement, attack, and chanting.

He also acquired new weapon skill, Triple Strike(Third tier).

This is a skill that literally drives three consecutive shots to the enemy in an instant. It can be used with batting weapons such as sword, spear, ax.

For the first time, Takeru got a general skill.

Next, we talked about how to use the reward such as the purchase of equipments.

「The number of residents in the tower has also increased, and I hope there is a kitchen for cooking. And a table for meals.」

Eclair says she wants a dining room in the tower.

「I want to eat something delicious.」

Feene seems to prioritize her appetite.

「Well, it is comfortable if there is the bath.」

「Bath! Luxurious…but I want it.」

Leiria snaps for a bath. She's a girls so it's not unexpected.

「Only an upper noble mansion has a bath so it won't be easy. It will cost a lot of money.」

Oldega seems to be worried about money. Certainly a bath may not be possible yet.

While we are talking happily and noisily, the sun had set, so we end the talk there and disperse.

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