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The Author: Qiǎn Lǜ, (meaning Light Green) is also known as  Wōniú Lǜ, (meaning Green Snail,) is pure and honest new fiction writer, the style of writing is tough and concise and the author love to make fascinating plot revealing the true feelings of the characters between the lines. It made the readers pause and think to interpret the storyline, thus working the reader’s imagination while reading. The author has optimist outlook believing that ‘the shadow in front of us was created because of the sun shining behind’. The published A Mistaken Marriage Match Series has garnered myriads of readers following the series and now sold more than 70 million copies in China, Taiwan, and Hongkong alone. ∼A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter∼ Are you curious?  Have you ever wondered? The offspring of General Su Ling and Gu Yun, this little darling girl, who grew up in General’s Military compound surrounded by burly man all day… with a father and uncles of army generals for a strong nation like Qiong Yue, what kind of woman she had become?  The story translated at Killerninjabog.wordpress  Number of Chapters: 123 Novel Description:  This story is a sequel to A Mistaken Marriage Match Series of the three sisters and now it is about their daughters. Synopsis: Did you hear it?  Su Family for hundreds of years only gave birth to sons, now after a pile of men finally arrived the first daughter! Truly?The focus of myriads of love and devotion and be doted by all is just in this one single person?! Hold her with both hands for fear that she might fall or why not put her in the mouth, afraid that she might melt! Pamper her until it ascends the sky! What a talk of nonsense, Su family of generals, Su’s prestige is known throughout six countries. Su's descendants, both man or a woman all valiantly gallops through the battlefield like heroes, therefore being women does not stop them to just sit down and wait! So, the common people of Qiong Yue capital have been quarreling for 16 years but still without a conclusion. So … … The daughter of the General’s Office,  has become what? This one… Who knows… … ? But on the other hand … …  why don't we ask the pirates?! Volume I         Pirate’s Daughter                                                                  

Volume I

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Volume II Pirate’s Daughter

/ PDF/ /   /  /  PDF/  /      / Volume III    / / / / / /   / /  /  / /  /  / / Chapter 84 Conflict/ Chapter 85 The Keys

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A Mistaken Marriage Match - The Pirate's Daughter A Mistaken Marriage Match: The Pirate's Daughter Volume 4 Chapter 83 summary

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