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1 How the natural and nutritious Qualities of the respective Plants are preserved, &c. &c.



1 The Qualities of the Plants peculiarly adapted to the Time of using them, so as to prove the most salutary of any Morning or Evening Beverage whatever.

The Whole concludes with a brief physical Demonstration of their beneficial and restorative Effects on the Const.i.tutions of all Ages who use them instead of foreign Teas.

The native and exotic Plants which chiefly compose Dr. Solander's Tea, being gathered and dried with peculiar Attention, to the preserving of their sanative Virtues, must render them far more efficacious than many similar Preparations, which by being reduced to Powder, must have those Qualities destroyed they might otherwise possess.

A Packet of Dr. Solander's Tea at 2s. 9d. is sufficient to breakfast one Person a Month.

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