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A 15-year old boy buys a woman

Part 1- Satsuki

My name is Nai

Of course, I’m a male

I will turn 15 this year

Today I came with my father to the female market

According to law once a male turns 15 they obtain their legal rights

But in our country, there is a custom where the purchase of a woman makes us an adult

Even the woman who gave birth to me seems to be bought by my father at the Female market

I have been waiting a long time for this day to come and finally, it has arrived!

I get to buy my first female today!

"Nai, we will arrive soon"

As me and my father were traveling in an unmanned taxi

I looked out the window to see a huge stadium

"Dad is that the female market?"

"Yes it is"

Then the taxi parked at the side as we got down

There were a lot of stairs to walk through

The 1st floor is filled with normal women

While the 2nd floor is of exquisite women

After checking my identity I entered the second floor to behold a magnificent scene

1 cage, 2 cage, 3 cage… there were cages everywhere

Although I saw it on the tv, it is spectacular to watch it in reality

There were more than thousands of cages

And in each cage, there was a naked woman

Their ages varied from young to mid-30s

Also, there were women who had accessories such as collars and hard- piercings

The price tag was placed on each cage separately

The prices were incredible from $1000 to $100000

"The budget for this time is $50000. You should buy whoever you like. Although if you want you can buy more than one"

My father said

I was totally shocked by the scene in front of me to even reply

Because the budget was limited I choose to focus on the cheap women

"I have something to look for, so you can go around by yourself"

And then he left the market

"Wow….. my master, please buy me.."

"I’m good at domestic work, and I can also have children. So please buy me"

All the women are begging to be taken away as I have a special appeal

Living in the market ensures safety, but there will be labor to be done

Many women want to leave this place as soon as possible because you are caged up naked every day

After moving along 150 women, I found someone I was interested in

Name: Satsuki

Price: $20000

Age: 16 years ( Appearance 12 years old)

Birth Experience: None

Former number of owners: 2

Hair color: Gold

Pupil color: Gold

Height: 145 cm

Weight: 38 kg

Scratches: torso x 2, leg x 2, arm x 1


         Chest: B

         Body type: ordinary type

         Appearance: rank B

         Accessories: Collars, nipple pierces

Girls of this age are high demand, and in many cases, they are generally high priced but this “Satsuki” is a non-virgin and received quite terrible treatment from her previous owners

Considering the damages it was a cheap price

"Please buy me, I can endure anything"

When I looked at her, Satsuki dragged her wounded body and arrived in front of me

She wore nothing but a collar

"Sit down and spread your legs"

As I commanded Sastsuki slowly spread her legs in an M shape

I did that to check for the scratches

There are traces of abrasions but they do not seem to hinder any movement

"I received these wounds while my previous master was training me

He said they could be removed if needed"

That is true with the latest technology it wont take long to remove them

Maybe the previous owner forgot to do it due to being in a hurry

"Satsuki come near me"

When I asked her she came near the cage and presented her chest

There was one nipple burnt with a large ring and the other with a piercing

"What is this wound?"

"This was also from my previous owner"

I stroked her chest lightly

Then I pinched her piercing

"Please stop it, it hurts"

Regardless I continue to pinch her

After enjoying her reactions I stopped with satisfaction

"Satsuki would you like me to buy you?"

"Yes, please I will do anything"

While saying that she presses her forehead on the floor

"Okay, then stay in the same position for 48 hours"


"Stay like this for the next 48 hours. You won’t eat any meals. And also won’t excrete.

If you follow this I will buy you"

"Yes, I understand"

Satsuki replies in a dignified manner

I am satisfied and leave the place

It will be a fun 48 hours

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