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Chapter 2/8

Part 2- Dairy Cow woman

'Assuming that I would buy Satsuki, I would still have more than half budget remaining."

I continued browsing…

The status of another woman I found interesting was:

Name: Holstein 759876

Price: $ 12,000

Age: 35 years (Appearance age 23 years)

Birth experience: 12

Owner number: 7  

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Scratches: torso x 7, legs x21, Arm x4

Chest: F

Body Type: Cow Type

Appearance: Rank D

Accessory: Collars, Nose Ring, Milking Kit

Use: Dairy cattle (8 years of field rearing)

Milk Rank: E

I came to the ranch floor, which was also a part of the female market.

There were no cages here, only a lawn spread over flat ground about 50 tennis courts wide.

There were fences laid side by side, all women there were naked and restrained in each of their tatami mats.

For the restrainment, their collars and waists were chained to the fence.

Then it fixes in a comfortable position even for a long time

Hands and legs are not restrained

There were many customers who were trying the whiplash on various cows

Of course the whiplash leaves no marks but pains a lot

A milking machine is placed at the feat so the customer can test the product

By the way, the milk squeezed here is sold outside

These women are called female dairy cattle

Some become female dairy at the age of 7

But since older women produce more milk they are remodled

But this story is for another time

Holstein 759876 is not a human name

A woman's name can be changed everytime be her new owner

Women have no authority over their names

It is possible for the next owner to name her Slutty Bitch

But this Holstein 759876 is a special number

There are many livestock producers who specialize in dairy

Female cows are  a popular interest because compared to regular cows the quality of milk is higher and investment is less

However, since the quality of milk varies, each female cow is given a different number

This also has the purpose of preventing infection of a particular cow

Experts provide registered number

For easy management the number is stamped onto the female cow's body

In other words Holstein 759876 is the 759876 cow to be registered in this country

"Milk rank is…E. this is a tough evaluation"

15-year old me touches a 35-year old dairy cow

In fact, rank E is the second lowest. With F being the lowest

Also due to the influence from the outdoor rearing by the previous owner, the body is soiled, and is not suitable for other purposes as breeding or indoor pet

So the price is quite down

There is another floor for indoor breeding

"Master, my milk might not be that much, but I will do any domestic work and also foot licking, etc.. please take me away from here"

She also fell on all four like Satsuki

While I was speculating on my decision

"Master here, buy me instead of her, I will definitely be of use"

The other cow was:

Name: Holstein E8585

Price: $ 22000

Age: 29 years (Appearance age 17 years)

Birth experience: 8

Owner number: 4  

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Height: 161 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Scratches: torso x 2, legs x 9, Arm x 0

Chest: E

Body type: Cow type

Appearance: Rank C

Accessories: Collars, nostrils, milking kit

Application: Dairy cattle (field retention history 5 years)

Milk rank: C

Over all this cow is definitely better than 759876

This cow's milk rating is also C

The price is also nearly twice as much as 759876

E 8585 is the number on imported cows

"How do you taste?"

I put her nipple into my mouth and massaged it by my hand


E 8585 releases a cute sound and at the same time her small nipple spouted her milk into my mouth

It is not rich but has a slight sweet flavor

"Yeah, I guess I could use you"

"Really? Please buy me! I will produce as much milk as you want!"

Upon hearing my words E 8585 is happy while 759876 has a dispirited look as her hope just disappeared

"I’m just interested in female cows, and the price is quite good. I should call your owner"

I took out my cellphone and called the given number

"Yes, this is Murasame Animal Husbandry"

It was the voice of a woman

Is it a female cow?

It also sounds like a secretary

"Oh, yes I’m thinking of purchasing one of you’re female cows. Could you pass me on the person in charge"

"Yes, I am Mr. Rum, which cow have you taken a liking to?"

"It's E 8585"

"Oh, that's quite a good item. Would you like to purchase immediately?"

"Yes, I would"

"How about purchasing it with 759876. the original price is $12000 and $22000 which is a total of $34000, but I will give it to you for 30000"

"Really, well fine it doesn't look promising, but fine"

"Thanks, so will it be cash transfer?"

"No, it will market payment substitute settlement"

The market payment substitute settlement will allow the goods to be taken right away

Thus I got two female cows

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