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A Woman's Fully Managed Lifetime

Part1: Life as a livestock from age 0 to 7

I am 759876, a female dairy cattle.

The oldest memory I have is of when I was in a white room with various other girls.

I was about 2 years old.

At that time I was part of a group.

Every morning, I woke up in a 3×5 space, it was very small.

I couldn't even extend my small body.

It was 7'o clock in the morning.

When we got up, we were immediately sent to work.

We were given a dirty cloth, which was to be wet and used to clean our bodies.

Of course, we were not given clothes either; when I slept, I slept naked.

Ever since I was born, I have never worn any clothes.

With nothing but a ribbon that was tied on our wrists, all of us went down towards the cafeteria to receive the daily distribution.

The cafeteria was a large place that was made of pure concrete floor.

I lined up at the end of a row that consisted of about a hundred girls.

After waiting for half an hour, I reached the counter.

After they checked my ribbon, my meals were recorded and given.

They scooped one ladle of animal feed and poured it in my hands.

While carrying it, I left the line.

Trying to not disturb anyone else, I quietly sat down.

Neither tableware, desks, nor chairs were available.

Talking to the other children was forbidden.

If you were found out talking, you would be whipped as punishment.

The feed consisted of various scraps of food and meat.

Even though it tasted bad, if we didn't eat it, we would starve to death.

So we had to bear with it and eat it.

The feed a person receives is increased along with their age.

Breakfast always ended by 9'o clock.

When the meal is over, we were sent to the study room.

In the study room, a helmet is placed above our heads.

Learning is done through virtual reality.

It shows how women used to live before the law was passed.

It shows everything about women and all about sex and how women were turned into stupid and lowly animals.

A life filled with shame and humiliation

After watching the whole content, all the girls' faces turned red and they hid their crotches.

But when the trainer came, they turned back into animals.

The study was done by 11'o clock.

Soon after was the time for labor.

For younger kids, basic work is given.

Simple tasks like sorting out the seeds.

Many naked girls are lined up behind the conveyor belt to sort out the seeds.

Anyone who makes a mistake is punished through whipping.

They worked till dinner.

After waiting in the line for 90 minutes, dinner was served

The reason it took so long was because the feeding method for dinner is different.

Dinner consisted of soup with water.

Although it is called soup, it is highly diluted with water.

A huge container was placed which reached waist high.

The soups content was poured inside it.

Us children were supposed to eat it similar to how pigs ate their food.

Usage of hands, or talking to others resulted in whipping.

Every 10 livestock were given one container to eat from.

Until the container was perfectly neat, the children weren't allowed to leave because the cost of feed for raising females is not very cheap.

After feeding, we returned to our rooms

We wiped our bodies and slept in the mud, thinking of it as a bed.

I immediately fell asleep.

Our duties are based on our age:

0-1 year old: no work, repeated virtual learning

2-3 years old: agriculture light work

4-5 years old: waking up at 6, virtual education at 8, working from 9 o’clock, dinner at 21 hours

6-7 years old: wake up at 5, education at 8, work till 22

As age increases our work increases along with it.

All the girls who have reached 7 years old will be sent to the next stage tomorrow.

Depending on the men's taste, some of us may even be bought.

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