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Translator: lilcookiez

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To Frame and Blame Someone Else [6]

Xiao Yuan Cheng was in a rage. But at this moment, he couldn’t think of any solution. He could only worry helplessly.

“My lord, how about we send someone to go to Anguo Gong’s Prefecture to meet the steward and bring some presents. We can tell him that the person who had killed Meng Xue is Huang Bei Yue. It has nothing to do with us. Furthermore, we’ll express grief for the death of young miss Xue. We’ll ask him to say some good words about us in front of Anguo Gong to make it seem like we are innocent. Let Anguo Gong look for revenge against Huang Bei Yue. This matter doesn’t concern us.”

Concubine Xue is always meticulous and very calculating. Xiao Yuan Cheng in some aspects heavily relies on her. When he heard her words, he nodded his head. He immediately ordered someone to prepare some gift and go to Anguo Gong’s Prefecture.

Liu Yue who had returned to Flowing Cloud Pavilion had heard everything. She thoughtfully smiled.

They don’t want to get involved, is it that easy?

She put on the black robe and the black cloak. She told Dong Ling to be careful at home and she sneaked out.

She walked around Bu Ji Er market, paying particular attention to the restaurant those mercenaries returned to.

“Yan, can you feel it? Will that Xue Che really come to this place?” She frowned as she talked to Yan. The places that mercenaries like to go, it’s mostly noisy and chaotic places. She really doubts that Xue Che who is the son of an aristocratic will really come.

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Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World Chapter 112 summary

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