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[1] The Kearsarge has a four-bladed screw, diameter 12-ft 9-in. with a pitch of 20-ft.

[2] _The Career of the Alabama, "No. 290," from July 26, 1862, to June 19, 1864._ London: Dorrell and Son.

[3] Captain Winslow, in his first hurried report of the engagement, put the s.p.a.ce covered at 20 or 25 feet, believing this to be rather over than under the mark. The above, however, is the exact measurement.

[4] There was nothing whatever between the chain and the ship's sides.


[5] Including three dead.

[6] See page 41.

[7] The Kearsarge started on her present cruise the 4th of February, 1862; the Alabama left the Mersey at the end of July following.

[8] This information was incorrect. No such statement was ever made by the Consul of the United States at Cherbourg.

F. M. E.

[9] The following is the copy of the log of the Kearsarge on the day in question:

"June 19, 1864. "From 8 to Merid.

"Moderate breeze from the Wd. weather b. c. At 10 o'clock, inspected crew at quarters. At 10.20, discovered the Alabama steaming out from the port of Cherbourg, accompanied by a French iron-clad steamer, and a fore-and-aft rigged steamer showing the white English ensign and a yacht flag. Beat to General Quarters, and cleared the ship for action. Steamed ahead standing off sh.o.r.e. At 10.50, being distant from the land about two leagues, altered our course and approached the Alabama. At 10.57, the Alabama commenced the action with her starboard broadside at 1,000 yards range. At 11, we returned her fire, and came fairly into action, which we continued until Merid., when observing signs of distress in the enemy, together with a cessation of her fire, our fire was withheld. At 12.10, a boat with an officer from the Alabama came alongside and surrendered his vessel, with the information that she was rapidly sinking, and a request for a.s.sistance. Sent the Launch and 2d Cutter, the other boats being disabled by the fire of the enemy. The English yacht before mentioned, coming within hail, was requested by the Captain (W.) to render a.s.sistance in saving the lives of the officers and crew of the surrendered vessel. At 2.24, the Alabama went down in forty fathoms of water, leaving most of the crew struggling in the water. Seventy persons were rescued by the boats, two pilot boats and the yacht also a.s.sisted. One pilot boat came alongside us, but the other returned to the port. The yacht steamed rapidly away to the Nd. without reporting the number of our prisoners she had picked up.

"(Signed) JAMES S. WHEELER, Actg. Master."

[10] According to the statement of prisoners captured, the Alabama fired no less than three hundred and seventy times (shot and sh.e.l.l); more than twice the number of the Kearsarge.

[11] Captain Winslow has long been a citizen of the State of Ma.s.sachusetts.

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