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The flute-wielding immortal was driven back. His hand was trembling, as an intense tornado kicked up. The killing intent radiating from him became even more terrifying. His eyes contained an unexcelled majesty as he stared at Qin Wentian.


A shadow appeared, it was unclear how fast he was moving. Qin Wentian even closed his eyes as his sword intent abruptly engulfed the space between heaven and earth. He then took great strides forward, as sword inscriptions appeared in the air.

However that manifested tornado gusted with even more intensity. It even enveloped Qin Wentian totally within, slowly closing in onto Qin Wentian. Quinn and Fan Miaoyu who were outside the tornado all felt their bodies trembling when they witnessed this scene. That buried immortal danced about in the violent wind, his silhouette couldn't be seen clearly at all. It was as though he was a part of the ever-present winds.

"What should we do?" Fan Miaoyu's countenance was as pale as paper, as she helplessly turned her gaze onto Quinn. At this instant, she felt herself to be completely powerless. With regards to someone like Qin Wentian who exuded unmatched magnificence through his generation, she truly didn't hope to see that he would perish here. However when the buried immortal really exerted his strength, he was simply an invincible character to them.

A fearsome demonic glow circulated around Qin Wentian's body, making it so that he resembled the heir of an ancient primordial demon king. His king sword astral nova manifested, bringing with it an overwhelming sword might. The tip of his sword was permeated by a particle of intense light. Rumbling sounds rang out, the sword broke apart space, slashing towards the tornado. A terrifying whistling sound formed as the sword sliced through the air, so intense that it caused pain to the ears of those who heard it. Cracks appeared on that tornado, but because of how fast the wind was spinning, the cracks that appeared instantly recovered.

"How powerful. To think that when true intent is infused into an innate technique, the effect achieved could actually reached such a terrifying level," Qin Wentian's heart trembled. All four of his Yuanfus were rumbling frantically as divine energy channelled into his palm. A brilliant light flashed as particles of fused true intent energy circulated around his palm. With an angry roar, Qin Wentian dashed out as fiendgod incarnations of him manifested around this space. His palms had the power to seize the stars and suppress immortals and demons. At that instant, a gap could actually be seen in the tornado. Qin Wentian transformed into a roc and sped towards there with blinding speed, seeking to get out.


The tornado howled, it actually shot upwards the sky, creating clouds of sand and dust, akin to a beam of destruction that blasted after Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian's speed was extremely fast, a spatial transference scroll appeared in his hands as he swiftly activated it. The spatial fluctuations enveloped his body as he disappeared and reappeared in a location far away. That tornado continued on its way and gradually, it disappeared from the sight of Quinn and Fan Miaoyu.

"He had become this strong." An intense wave rose up in Fan Miaoyu's heart. She simply couldn't imagine how Qin Wentian became so strong just in the span of half a year. After all earlier when she fought against him on the Sacred Battle Platform, he was only a level stronger compared to her.

"Since he could suppress era-suppressing geniuses, it isn't strange for him to become a legend," Quinn smiled in a carefree manner. After which he stepped out slowly and departed the area, no longer paying attention to Qin Wentian. Since Qin Wentian has teleportation scrolls with him, there was a high probability that he would be able to escape the pursuit of this buried immortal.

Fan Miaoyu also stared at the female who intended to implicate her by drawing the buried immortal closer to her. She icily stated, "I remember that back then in the Royal Sacred Sect you were still mocking him. What an irony."

After speaking, Fan Miaoyu departed as well. Although she hated that this female tried to implicate her, Fan Miaoyu didn't have enough strength to deal with her.

That female now had an ashen expression before she too left the area. Other than rage in her eyes, there was a desolate expression as well. She was a Heaven Chosen from the Grand Shang Faction and a member of the Royal Sacred Sect. An extremely dazzling character like her had comprehended a total of three kinds of true intents and had overwhelming combat prowess. Yet when placed in this immortal palace, she couldn't find the worth of her existence. She was simply too weak. In here everyone's cultivation base was at the Heavenly Dipper Realm and she could sense how tiny and inconsequential she was.

Wanting to seize immortal arts and plunder the immortal treasures? That was nothing but the fantasy of a fool. Right now, it was about time for her to exit. This journey into the immortal palace, other than collapsing her confidence, she had made no other gains at all. She only now understood what the saying 'there's always a heaven beyond a heaven' meant.

And at the exit of the immortal palace, the female noticed several people waiting there. She walked towards two cultivators who stood at the forefront as she called out, "Senior Xia Sheng, Senior Zai Qiu."

The two of them turned their gazes on the female as Xia Sheng asked, "Do you have any gains?"

"Nothing." The female shook her head. "The buried immortals are simply too monstrous, I have no way to fight them at all. I'm afraid this time around, our Royal Sacred Sect lost too many geniuses. Even junior brother Sun Qing has fallen…"

When Sun Qing was mentioned, the countenances of Xia Sheng and Zai Qiu instantly turned unsightly. Zai Qiu icily added, "If it wasn't for the two of them not obeying commands, how could Sun Qing have died?"

"Senior brother, are you referring to Qin Wentian and Quinn?" When the female thought about Qin Wentian, hatred flashed in her eyes. This person had an irreconcilable grudge with their Grand Shang Faction, but there was no way the Battle Sword Faction would allow him to die. Unless...Xia Sheng and Zai Qiu both wanted him dead.

Not only that, given Qin Wentian's rate of improvement, he would only become more and more terrifying...and upon thinking of this, flames of jealousy bloomed in her heart. She then added, "Not long ago I met the two of them. They encountered a buried immortal and actually lead that immortal to me. Luckily, I narrowly escaped alive but since they could do such a thing to me, I'm afraid the others might have been implicated by them as well."

The countenances of Xia Sheng and Zai Qiu grew increasingly uglier by the second. In the eyes of Zai Qiu, killing intent could be seen. He turned to the female and spoke, "Right now, there are already several buried immortals roaming the graveyard. It's already impossible for us to join forces to kill them. We can only wait for an opportunity and come again next time. Let's talk about the other stuff after we exit."

"Hua Taixu hasn't returned yet. Should we continue waiting?" Another of the Core Faction asked.

"No need to. It's difficult to enter this immortal palace, but extremely easy to exit." Xia Sheng shook his head. The others present by the exit didn't say anything and continued on their way, leaving this immortal palace. They knew that after this departure, they might never have the chance to enter again. But then again, even if they entered, it would be useless as well.

After these people exited, the elder-level character surnamed Li was sitting outside in meditation. Upon knowing about the meager harvest, he could only sigh helplessly. It was probably impossible for their Royal Sacred Sect to subdue this immortal palace. And this batch of people reported the same things as the previous batch. The strength of the buried immortals were simply too monstrous, nobody in the same realm as them could defeat them. However, there was something new in this report. They learnt that the master of this immortal palace might be looking for a successor.

"If someone outstanding appears in my Royal Sacred Sect and managed to succeed in obtaining the inheritance, his accomplishments in the future would surely be unprecedented," the expert surnamed Li mused as he sighed in his heart. However for such a character, it was unknown how long would it be before someone like that appeared.

After several days, this group of people finally returned to the Royal Sacred Sect as they entered close-door seclusion to cultivate. Although their gains this trip weren't much, several among them had improved.

Quinn also returned to the Battle Sword Faction of the Royal Sacred Sect. After which, Xia Sheng issued a summons for those who entered the immortal palace to gather.

Siko and Quinn set off together and during the journey, Siko reminded Quinn, "Back then you didn't save Sun Qing. He might harbor hatred for you. It's best to be cautious when we arrive there."

"We are going to gather at the Palace of the Core Faction. Even if Zai Qiu and Xia Sheng hate me, they can't possibly act against me in front of everyone," Quinn smiled and shook his head, appearing as carefree as ever. Although he knew Sun Qing's relationship with Xia Sheng and Zai Qiu was extremely good. No one could fault him for saving Fan Miaoyu based on instinct back then.

"The human heart is unpredictable. You might not think they would stoop so low as to act towards you, but others might not be as honest or stupid as you. In any case if there are any signs of things being wrong, retreat immediately." Siko's personality had always been completely different from Quinn. In Siko's eyes, Quinn was simply too straightforward and direct, just like his sword style.

"Right," Quinn smiled and nodded. The two of them continued on their way and met Fan Miaoyu during the journey. Quinn naturally greeted her with a smile.

Fan Miaoyu always felt gratitude in her heart for Quinn's actions in saving her in the immortal palace. Quinn's character was upright, sunshine and he was even extremely strong in combat, a person of outstanding talent.

"Senior brother, didn't Qin Wentian return yet?" Fan Miaoyu smiled as she inquired.

"Nope, I wonder if he had another stroke of good fortune out there. However for someone of his capabilities, we don't need to worry about him at all," Quinn laughed. Fan Miaoyu nodded. After some time, they arrived at the Core Faction Palace and headed straight towards a public square where a banquet was already arranged. Zai Qiu was clad in luxurious robes and stood right at the entrance. Upon noting the arrival of Quinn, his sharp eyes flashed with a gleam of coldness.

Quinn frowned, he could sense unkind intentions in the eyes of Zai Qiu. However, after a moment, he relaxed again. After all, it was normal for Zai Qiu to dislike him after the death of Sun Qing.

"Quinn, do you admit to your crime?" The instant the three of them set foot in the entrance, Zai Qiu's icy voice rang out. His words caused Quinn's expression to stiffen as he asked, "Zai Qiu, what do you mean?"

"Elder Li once stated that everyone who entered the immortal palace had to listen to our commands. Yet, you defied it. That was the first crime; and within the immortal palace, all of us could be considered as one unit, yet you actually led a buried immortal towards one of us, almost causing her to be killed. That's the second crime. Both of these crimes are unpardonable, what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Quinn, leave now," Siko urgently transmitted his voice to Quinn.

"How can you blame me for the first 'crime'? Things happened too suddenly, I don't even have time to think. And as for the second 'crime,' that's complete nonsense," Quinn coldly replied.

"Is that so? Junior sister Shang can be the witness. You were the one who led the buried immortal to her." Zai Qiu turned his gaze onto that female from the Grand Shang Faction.

"You are despicable," Fan Miaoyu snorted. "It was obviously her who tried to implicate me by leading that buried immortal to me."

"Fan Miaoyu, I know Quinn saved your life. But if you continue to be so obstinate and invert white and black for him, don't blame me for being impolite," Zai Qiu coldly spoke, as killing intent radiated out from him.

"On what basis is what you said the truth, while I'm the one inverting black and white?" Fan Miaoyu rebutted.

"Because, my surname is Zai!" An extremely tyrannical aura gushed out from Zai Qiu.

The surname Zai was the surname of the Sacred Emperor of the Royal Sacred Sect!

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