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AST 1509 - Metamorphosis Pill, A Chance Encounter, It's Actually Her

    "This Gold-back Bear King operates at the border area, or else we wouldn't have had to worry about it." Someone said immediately. 

    "This is indeed quite dangerous. Everyone's on the edge due to this powerful demonic beast. Even I don't dare to enter the mountain."


    "Gold-back Bear King?" Qing Shui's eyes glistened because he had an alchemy recipe which needed materials from the Gold-back Bear King's body.


    This alchemy recipe was given to Qing Shui by that old alchemist from the Imperial Cuisine Hall, a medicine pill which can allow a demonic beast to evolve again once. Even its name was pretty standard.

    Metamorphosis Pill!

    This can make the bloodline of the demonic beast's body undergo a qualitative transformation, awakening the power hidden deep within it. Even if it wasn't a demonic beast with a very powerful bloodline, it could purify the blood essence of the bloodline and result in an atomic increase in strength. In the case of the bloodline of other powerful demonic beasts, the effect would vary depending on the situation, but it'd be enough to make people astonished.


    For the past year, Qing Shui had been looking for the materials required to refine a Metamorphosis Pill. The only ones left were the Gold-back Scales from the Gold-back Bear King's back and its gall...

    Qing Shui slowly walked towards the cultivators who were speaking. There were about a total of more than 10 individuals. As for their strength, there were 2 Martial Saints, and the majority of the rest were at the Martial Emperor level.

    "Dear Brothers, do you know where that Gold-back Bear King is? I want to check it out." Qing Shui asked politely.

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Ancient Strengthening Technique (Portraits of Beauty) Ancient Strengthening Technique Ast 1509 summary

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