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Chapter 3 [The Reason to Fight]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : akshaythedon

Part 1

◆The Summoned Person, Kuroki

Long ago, there was one male god who live in the blessed land of god, Elios.

Though that male god held a mighty power even amongst the gods who lived in Elios, he was ugly.

For this reason, he’s still a single man despite his peers being already married.

Nevertheless, the male god wanted to have a wife and went to court the single goddesses.

But, no one ever paid attention to him.

Thus, he courted the fairies and angels who were serving under those goddesses. But, they disliked that ugly male god and thus they asked for the help of the goddesses they were serving.

The goddesses who hated that ugly male god schemed to expel this male god.

The goddess who was moving as their pivot is the one called Rena.

The goddesses then made a false charge to the king of god, Oudith, about that male god forcing the fairies and angels to become his wife.

After consulting with the other gods, Oudith decided to banish that male god to the land of darkness, Nargol.

The male god cried. It was because that male god had never coerced anyone.

The male god also made an appeal to Oudith.

But, the goddesses conspired together to write an evidence which made that male god to fall into a disadvantageous situation, thus the decision was never overruled.

The male god couldn’t do anything but to follow the verdict.

At that time, the male god made a request to Oudith. He’ll obey their decision if he can get a bundle of hair from Rena, the most beautiful amongst the single goddess.

Oudith complied with that request and then negotiated with Rena.

In the end, even Rena had to give a bundle of her hair, albeit unwillingly.

The male god then left toward the land of Nargol.

In that land, the male god made a decision: if there was no one willing to become his wife, then he’ll make one on his own.

After various attempts, the male god successfully made one goddess with Rena as her origin.

But, that goddess was an existence which you could say as the clone of Rena.

Rena who noticed the fact that the male god had made her clone was furious; she demanded Oudith to give the order to send that goddess clone back to her.

After Oudith is discussing those matter with the other god, they decide to make a demand to that male god to send that clone goddess to Rena.

That male god didn’t comply with their demands.

He erected a barrier around Nargol to show his resolution to resist them till the bitter end.

Rena made an appeal to the gods to subjugate that male god.

But, as expected, that was too much.

That male god was powerful; no one but Oudith could match him in power even amongst the gods.

But, Oudith just couldn’t easily depart from Elios, the land of gods.

The other gods didn’t want to fight that male god, save for Rena.

Unwilling, Rena then sent troops and the heroes of humankind to Nargol.

That was the beginning of the battle.

The male god who didn’t abide to the gods demand soon became the one called as the demon king.

That demon king is Modes.

The troops of Modes and Rena clashed fervently.

The result is Modes troops' overwhelming victories.

In the end, Rena, who couldn’t think of any way to achieve victory, asked for the help of goddess Casa who possessed the power of prediction.

Casa predicted that Rena can win against Modes if she summoned heroes from the spirit world.

Rena then summoned existences who could defeat Modes from the spirit world.

And those existences were the hero of light, Reiji, and his comrades.

Modes wasn’t aware of this prediction at first.

Not until the hero Reiji and his comrades broke through his line of defense one after another at a terrifying speed.

Modes was astonished at the existence of the hero and his comrades and thus became aware of the existence of that prediction.

Modes might end up getting defeated if he fought against the hero according to that prediction.

Therefore, Modes couldn't choose the option to fight the hero.

So, he gathered even more information.

Therefore, like how Rena begged to Casa and got a prediction, he also got a prediction from her and came to know of the fact that the one who could stop the hero was another person who was summoned from the spirit world.

Thus, Modes stole the summoning arts which originally Rena used and summoned an existence who could stop the hero.

That summoned being is me.

This was the summary of Modes' story.

If Modes is defeated, Mona's existence might be erased. That’s the only thing that he wants to avoid at all costs.

Modes is narrating that story to me while sobbing.

By the way, if it goes by Modes' story, the way to go back isn’t written on the summoning arts that he stole from Rena.

Either way, maybe there’s no way to send me back or I haven't found it yet.

In short, I can assume that even Reiji's side doesn’t have the means to send us back.

I couldn’t feel a lie in Modes' words.

Most of all, it’s still better than a threat like “You won’t be sent back unless you do as I say!”.

If it’s according to the above pattern, why are Reiji and the others fighting?

But, I won’t reach the answer even if I think about it right now.

I went to the courtyard of Modes' castle.

It seems this courtyard is made based on Modes' residence back in the Elios.

It doesn’t have that much splendor since it was designed to make one feel relieved.

It seems that only a select few people can enter this courtyard, including Modes and Mona.

I heard the events in detail until this point from Modes who sat on the round-shaped chair.

It seems the thing that was prepared by Mona in front of me was a tea.

Because the peculiar fragrance of tea was drifting around.

When I tried a sip of it, it’s slightly bitter taste was superb.

I’m thinking of what I must to do from hereafter.

Must I have a rematch with Reiji?

I feel like I am dreaming.

If I fight him, it seems Modes will make another goddess just for myself.

Though it seems that it’s not easy to make another goddess, it seems to be okay to add another one.

That is such a charming proposal.

Because, I never got the chance to be closer with girls till now.

Rather, they were avoiding me as if I was a filthy person. [TL : The main reason will be explained later]

I recalled about my past.

At first, the girls who were normally talking to me, suddenly started to take some distance for some reason. [TL : AGAIN, The main reason will be explained later]

It seems that I was unconciously ogling at the body of cute girls.

Shirone is the one who told me about this. Normal attire aside, it seems my eyes are unconsciously ogling at the body of girls who were wearing miniskirt.

Even when she said that, it couldn’t be helped since it was like an instinct to me, wasn’t it…

Thus, I was doomed with the fate of being a cherry boy forever.

Somehow, I feel sadness surging inside me when I think about such a thing.

Let’s stop thinking about such sad things…

Moreover, I even had a look on the appearance of goddess Rena.

She closely resembled Mona despite the slight difference between them.

The next goddess to be made might be as beautiful as Mona, right.

There’s no way she won’t be charming if I can get her.

And most of all, she’ll give her love unconditionally, just for me.

I’m not a handsome person.

But still, I also want to flirt around with cute girls.

Not several of them like Reiji, I’m fine with just one.

This world might be a happy one if I can get such an extremely cute girl.


For that, I must win in a fight against Reiji.

To be honest, I don’t think that I can win against him.

In fact, I fought against Reiji a long time ago.

That was an uninteresting match.

Maybe it’s just short while ago, Reiji who become interested in learning kendo during middle school fought all the members of the kendo school.

I was amongst his opponents.

I was mercilessly defeated by Reiji.

It’s not like I feel that I’m that strong either.

But, I never expected that I’ll be easily defeated just like that.

It was quite a shock for me.

First, his movements were different. I thought “Why can he move his body like that despite having similar age?”

I still remember Shirone's words who saw that match even now.

「Kuroki can’t win against Reiji-kun. So don’t mind about it」

Though Shirone said those words to comfort me, I felt really miserable on hearing that.

To be honest, I even wanted to stop doing kendo at those times.

But, I kept doing it for some reason even until now.

Maybe I became a little stronger, but Reiji might have become even stronger than me.

Anyway, I really can’t refuse Modes' request.

Maybe I’ll die if we fight using a real sword.

Though the reward is charming, it’s no use if I lose my own life.

In the first place, i didn’t have any obligation to fight for Modes.

I can even abandon Modes.

But, there’s something that caught my interest deep in my heart.

The thing caught within the depths of my heart is something rather insipid.

And, Modes finally got himself a wife in Mona.

For some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to abandon them.

「Please, Kuroki-dono!! I have no choice but to rely on you」

Modes is clasping my hands with tears spilling from his eyes.

I couldn’t do anything but let out a weak laugh.

「…Excuse me, will you give me a little time….」


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