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Chapter 5 [Melancholy of A Goddess]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : akshaythedon

◆God of Craftsmanship, Heibos

「You’re the god of craftsmanship, Heibos isn't it!! 」

That angry voice is resounding in this room.

This is my home, the sole dark place in the brilliant Elios.

This place might be a suitable place for me who’s an exception amongst those beautiful gods of Elios.

The other gods also rarely come to such gloomy place of mine.

But, today is an exception.

So, I’m going out of my house to see that rare visitor.

「What’s the matter, O goddess of wisdom and victory, Rena. For you to come to this place of mine without your usual messenger」

At that place was the angry Rena.

The angry face of Rena who’s one of the three most beautiful goddesses is also lovely.

It’s been a long time since I meet her.

Rena always sends her messenger whenever she has some important matter with me.

The important matter which told by her messenger before was regarding her request to make the summoning-assistance device to summon the hero from the spirit world.

Rena didn’t even come to my home when I made that assistance device.

And today, that Rena has come to my house, all by herself.


Rena’s raising her angry voice.

「You’re Heibos, right. You must have told the matter about the hero to the demon king Modes! ! 」

Rena’s inquiring me.

Modes, he was my only friend back when he was in Elios. There’s no reason to not tell him about what I know.

「Yup, I’m the one who told him indeed, Rena. He asked me about it, after all」

I managed to get the full knowledge about the summoning arts when I made that summoning assistance device.

Modes, driven to the corner because of the hero, sent his own messenger to me. At that time, I taught everything I know about the summoning arts and the hero to Modes.

「Modes disobeyed the decision of the gods. He’s the enemy of this Elios! ! 」

And I did not participate in that decision. By the way, I never even knew about that decision.

The first reason might be because I never left my gloomy house.

So, before I knew about it, Modes was already banished from Elios.

It seems the reason is because Modes did immodest things to the fairies and the angel who were the subordinates of the goddesses.

But, the Modes that I know will never do such direct harassment. At most, he’ll be ogling at them from afar.

But, it can’t be helped if the matter was already decided that what he did was harassment.

And, why Modes is fighting against Rena.

The origin of the war is because he made the clone of Rena.

So, it’s not unreasonable if Rena is angry at the fact that Modes arbitrarily made her clone. [TL : Ehm, copyright infringement]

Thus, Modes is clearly in the wrong side for this matter.

But, I won’t condemn Modes for what he did. Since Modes is just like me, an ugly person, he won’t get a beauty on his hand unless he did that. I’m fully aware of his feeling.

I’m fully aware of Modes' feeling as to why he's refusing to deliver Rena's clone.

In spite of him being hailed as demon king for doing that.

Moreover, I also helped him to make that summoning-assistance device.

I just couldn’t bring myself to condemn Modes.

Even if Modes became the enemy of Elios, I just couldn’t bring myself to become his enemy.

「Modes definitely didn’t abide by Elios' decision. But, it can’t be helped since Elios' side made that decision without even contacting Modes first…」

The decision of the gods can’t bind him. Those gods of Elios have no right to decide how they’ll move.

The other gods couldn’t do anything to Modes if he isn’t following their decision.

Modes is strong, and no one but Oudith can win against Modes. If the gods of Elios want to beat Modes, Oudith has no choice but to make his move. Oudith, the king of gods, can’t do anything since he can’t leave Elios just like that.

And it’s not like Modes is attacking Elios too. There’s no problem even if Elios just left Modes at his own device.

For this reason, the other gods can’t help Rena.

That’s why Rena summoned the hero.

「That’s just sophistry」

Rena gives a cold reply to my words.

「Well then, what would you do then, Rena. Kill this Heibos?」

Rena is silenced.

Rena’s stronger than me and she can easily kill me.

「It’s not like I’m going to kill you… You’re the craftsman who’s needed by Elios….」

Rena’s saying those words in a vexed tone.

「But, if you help Modes just like this, I will consider disposing you. This is my warning, Heibos」

Rena’s about to go back after saying so.

「By the way, Rena. Can I ask another question?」

I stop Rena who’s about to leave.

「And what that question might be, Heibos?」

「The heroes possess such mighty power. I wonder, what you are going to do after they defeated Modes? 」

Though I never met the heroes in person, I heard that they’ve power comparable to the gods.

So, it might be dangerous to leave them as such.

Or they might be welcomed as the gods of Elios?

But, those matters need the consensus of the other gods. It won’t be an easy matter.

「Something that comes from the spirit world will return to the spirit world, that’s just natural, right?」

I tilt my head in confusion.

That summoning arts can easily summon the heroes toward this world, but it’s difficult to return them to their original world.

Most likely, those heroes will be sent to another world which is different from their original world. If they’re unlucky, there's the possibility that they might be stranded forever in the border between two worlds.

You can’t even say that as returning them. At least I think so.

「Since they came from another world, they’ll be back once everything ends」

I finally comprehended the meaning of Rena's words.

Rena’s considering everything, both outside and inside. It’s fine as long as it’s not inside this world.

That’s the same thing as releasing the fish caught from the ocean into freshwater.

「Then I’ll go back if you’ve no more questions to ask, Heibos」

Rena’s leaving.

「Fuhm, the hero is a disposable tool, huh. Modes is ugly but he’s at least not as wicked as you guys, gods of Elios」

I’m muttering that to myself as I watch Rena leaving from the entrance of my house.

I knew it. Rena deeply influenced the plan to banish Modes. That goddess is beautiful, but her personality is the worst.

And then, I read a certain note on top of the desk as I walk toward my workplace.

That’s a thank-you letter sent by Modes.

He’s written a letter of gratitude to me since he managed to repel the hero thanks to my summoning-assistance device.

「What a honest fellow」

I unintentionally smile when reading his letter.

He likes to send a thank-you letter to all kind of guys who made various things to him.

He wished to say his gratitude to those heroes too since Modes would be defeated by them if I just leave him alone.

The gods of Elios, witnessing the power of the hero with their own eyes, decided to seal the summoning art forever.

That’s why Rena can’t use the summoning art anymore.

In addition, using that summoning art isn’t that simple. Various catalysts are needed before performing the summoning ceremony. It’s not that hard in case of Elios, but it’s close to impossible to collect those catalysts so many times in Nargol.

It might be a good thing since it’s close to impossible to see the people of spirit world coming to this world after this.

Dark knight Diehart.

That's the name of the person summoned by Modes.

Defeating Modes will become even more difficult due to the existence of Diehart.

The power of the hero is needed to oppose Diehart.

Thus, even Rena can’t treat the hero like a disposable tool.

「Well then, I wonder how things will turn out after this」


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