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Api di Bukit Menoreh Book 01 – Chapter 09

“But I am not” answered Sedayu. Even now Sedayu had been tugging on his brother clothes.

Untara became more restless. But he didn’t answer. by now they had gotten closer and Untara still didn’t turn back. when his brother tried to talk again, Untara hissed” Be quiet so that the people in front of us don’t know that you are a coward. Otherwise, they will toy with us like rabbits.”

Sedayu paused. He was really afraid to expose his fear. Therefore with his knee shaking, he kept walking.

Untara stopped a few steps away from across the bamboo. No one was seen. But he was confident that behind the dense tree, one person or more were hiding .


Once again, Untara took a long breath. He didn’t want to draw near again. Otherwise, he would be put in a difficult position. The people who were behind the lush leaves could clearly see him, but he couldn’t see them. Therefore, Untara was waiting for them to come to him.

For a while, the situation became quietly tense. Sedayu breath sounded from his nose. he was afraid to say anything, but his hand was gripped tighter onto his brother’s clothes. Slowly Untara hand touched his brother’s hand and tried to release his grip, In case he needed to react fast. But Sedayu kept holding on tightly and occasionally pulled it.

Untara sighed deeply.

All of sudden Sedayu was startled when his brother shouted loudly “leave them alone Sedayu. we will do nothing. But if they disturb us, you can act as you please. Hopefully, they are our good friends”.

Sedayu didn’t know the intention behind those words. In fact, he felt as if his heartbeat was trying to break through his chest. Sedayu was trying to say something, however, he felt as if his mouth had been clogged.


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Api di Bukit Menoreh Chapter 9 summary

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