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Episode 22: Semen Princess is a Trap

The girl born between Onaho-Princess and myself, Princess Semen, zealously grew up and was steadily growing prettier by the day. However, when puberty struck, a certain change appeared.

Unbelievably, male genitals began to sprout.

It would seem that, since the Semen Princess was born with undeveloped genitals, I mistook him for a girl during his birth.

Since the male’s sexual organ matures as a result of the child’s hormone balance changing upon approaching adolescence, his member was in a condition which looked like it had just been born.

For this reason, although it was confirmed that the Semen Princess was physically and biologically a male, upon telling the person himself that, he continued to insist that he would definitely give birth to daddy’s child before bursting into tears.

While it’s easy to change his gender by using magic, the current Semen Princess’s appearance, with the exception of ‘that’ which suddenly sprouted, is that of a perfectly cute girl.

Since I didn’t think that traps were particularly bad, I ventured to raise him just like this.

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