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「Otou~shama, Lia became fwiends with Miwia~」

「Miria-dono, please take care of Ria」
《Of course~》

Father’s and Miria’s relation seems to be favorable.

If she’s to come and go out of our house, it would be better if she gets along with my family.

Ah, which reminds me that we were in the middle of an audience.

Is it perhaps because they saw a contract being formed?

Father was also slightly blanking out at the time I formed the contract with Hughley.
Because it was for the second time this time, so he must have gotten immune and greeted Miria normally.

「Elentos, is your business done? It’s fine to return already, right?」
「………… Y, yeah」

The dumbstruck King returned Father a half-hearted reply.

Father understood it as permission, so he lifted me up in his arms and begun walking.
Miria followed as she was, but Hughley returned to his small form and landed on my shoulder.

「Ah! Victor, wait a moment!」

Ah, King came to his senses.

Father ignored his words to halt and continued walking.

Soldier-san who waited beside the door was blocking our way.

「Won’t you move aside please?」

「N? We have received the permission to leave from that very His Majesty though?」

Father glared the soldier who was blocking the door and the soldier’s body jolted.

In addition, because what Father said is correct, Soldier-san was overwhelmed.
He’s getting glared at, he’s withering and scared, but I don’t intend to calm Father down.

「Victor! Explain to me~!」

King shouted.

I wonder what King is talking about?


Father, your sigh is too grand……

「What do you want me to explain, it’s just as you saw」

「I haven’t heard about a High-grade spirit!」
「I also didn’t know, you know? Hughley-dono was in the same form when I first saw him as when he appeared during the audience」

Is this about Hughley?

「Otou~shama~ What’s wlong with Hugh?」


Status, huh……

Hmm, I don’t understand……

「A position. To put it simply, it’s about his power」

Ooh, status huh!

「Spirits are clearly divided by their power, you see. In addition, you can clearly judge it by their appearances」

「Lower-grade spirits are in plant or animal forms, Middle-grade spirits are in palm-sized child forms, and High-grade spirits can change into human forms」

That so, that so, …… N?
So that means that Hughley and Miria are High-grade spirits?

「Hughley-dono appeared in a size that could sit on your shoulder, right? That’s why I thought he was a Medium-grade spirit. That’s why I wrote that it in the report」


However, he’s in fact, a High-grade spirit.

If that’s the case, it’s just as Father said and he did see it all, didn’t he~
What else does he want to explain!

「Say, Hugh, Miwia. If Spiwit-san hides its stwenght, can I distinguish~?」

《That’s right~ It’s not possible to pretend to be above me for example, but High-grade spirits like us can turn into Medium-grade or Lower-grade spirits if we suppress our power~ It will be difficult to distinguish us then~》
「Ish that so~ So they say, Otou~shama」

If spirits suppress their power, humans can’t see through them.
Father is not at fault at all.

「Mmm. This settles the problem」

「That’s right. Look, you guys! Promptly move aside from there」

Thanks to Hughley and Miria, I was able to safely finish the audience without getting engaged to the princes.

There, there, it’s going smoothly!
Father, we are going to party once we return!

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