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Hearing Baili Hongzhuang call it a puppy king, Little Black and Little White couldn't help but laugh. This was just too funny!

"Master, maybe it’s because this spirit beast is only a new-born so the appearance was a little off. Maybe it’s actually a tiger ah!" Little White said.

Baili Hongzhuang examined the spirit beast, traces of doubt in her eyes, "I hope so."

It was hard to really understand anything about a demonic beast. The only thing you could think of was how utterly adorable it was.

There was a chance that it would become an amazing spirit beast later. After all, both Little Black and Little White believed that its rank wasn’t low.

"Do you guys know what kind of spirit beast this is?" Baili Hongzhuang asked.

She saw many demonic beasts, but they were practically all adult beasts. She truly didn't know much about baby demonic beasts.

Little Black and Little White looked at each other before shaking their heads, "We don't know"

Baili Hongzhuang looked at the spirit beast and asked, "What kind of spirit beast are you?"

Ordinary spirit beasts weren't able to open their mouthes to talk unless they were strong enough to change into their humanoid forms.

However, if the spirit beast and master were very close, they could form a sprit link to communicate with spirit force.

That way, they were at least able to have a tacit understanding of each other.

The spirit beast shook its head, slowly speaking, "Don't know."

Hearing its answer, Baili Hongzhuang wasn't surprised. It was also very pitiful, being sealed immediately after birth. It didn't even know what kind of demonic beast it was.

But that wasn't a problem. As long as it grew up, she would naturally know what it was.

"Later on, we'll all be one family!" Baili Hongzhuang petted the beast, smiling.

"Master, give this little guy a name!" Little Black said laughingly.

Baili Hongzhuang thought deeply before finally speaking: "We'll call you Baishi!"
(t/n- baishi= white lion)

She believed that from the 'king' character on its head, it shouldn't be weak. So, its name shouldn't be any weaker than its rank!

After Baili Hongzhuang chose the name Baishi, she found Little Black and Little White staring at her indignantly.

Facing the two fluffb.a.l.l.s eyes, Baili Hongzhuang was surprised, "Why are you guys looking at me like that?"

"Master, why weren't you this good when you were giving us names?"

Little Black's eyes were filled with resentment. Such a terrible name was the biggest stain of its life ah!

"One look and you know we aren't truly loved. Just how many dogs have such a great name." Little White said angrily.

In the Primordial Chaos Ring, they had originally wished for their names to be resounded all over China.

But thinking of their current names, they couldn't help but shed bitter tears.

Little White, this name just sounded too weak. How could a world famous demonic beast have such a name, it truly couldn’t face it!

Hearing Little Black and Little White's grievances, Baili Hongzhaung's mouth twitched. These two guys were too serious, the names were only codenames!

But she clearly knew that the two fluffb.a.l.l.s wouldn't listen to her.

"That’s not it necessarily true ah. Right now, I'll give you two a super domineering combination name." Baili Hongzhuang said smilingly.

"What new name?" Little White and Little Black asked, eyes wide.

"Black and White Fiends!" Baili Hongzhuang raised her eyebrow. "How is it? Isn't it very domineering?"

Little Black and Little White paused, before trying to act cool by rolling their eyes. "It's so-so."

But their lips couldn't help but curve and reveal their true thoughts- that name really was powerful ah!

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