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Dai Zhiman waited for Shao Zifan to bid again, but she was alarmed to find that even after a long time, there was no sound. Her face couldn't help but change.

Shao ZIfan didn't give up, right?

She didn't need the Mysterious Star Sword ah!

If she bidded for the thing and then didn't want it, it'd be tantamount to breaking the auction house's rules! That wasn't what she wanted to see, ah!

"71,000, calling once!"

"71,000, calling twice!"

Everyone's face couldn't help but turn a little mocking. They all knew Shao Zifan was the only one that really wanted the Mysterious Star Sword.

So if the sword fell into Dai Zhiman's hands, she wouldn't even have enough tears to cry with because of her greed.

"71,000, calling thrice!"

At this moment, Baili Hongzhuang suddenly opened her mouth, "72,000 gold coins!"

Hearing Baili Hongzhuang's shout, Dai Zhiman felt herself relax. Fortunately, she no longer had to buy the weapon!

She was still a bit scared just looking at the sword. Her face was rather unsightly.

"This……" Shao Zifan looked at Baili Hongzhuang, astonished. Although, that was 72,000 gold coins ah.

Baili Hongzhuang faintly smiled, "Dai Zhiman targeted you because of me. Since you were just dragged into it, I'll gift the Mysterious Star Sword to you."

If it wasn't for her, Shao Zifan wouldn't have had any problems getting the sword himself. He wouldn’t have had to suffer despite being completely innocent.

She truly felt regretful for that.

"How can that do!" Shao Zifan immediately refused, "This weapon is mine, so how could I let you pay."

"It doesn't matter. We're friends, it’s normal for friends to send gifts to each other. "

"No!" Shao Zifan firmly shook his head, "First you'll lend me 2000 gold coins, and I'll pay you back once I get home."

Watching Shao Zifan relentlessly refuse, Baili Hongzhuang couldn't help but laugh a little,"So be it. Since you're so determined, how about you pay the original price of the sword, 50,000 gold coins. The rest, I will."

Shao Zifan was startled and opened his mouth to speak. Before he could say something, Baili Hongzhuang hurriedly spoke first, "If you refuse, I will feel very regretful."

Hearing her words, Shao Zifan could only nod, "Then thank you."

"That's what you should've said from the beginning. Thank you."

Baili Hongzhuang smiled, but a layer of frost tinted her eyes.

Dai Zhiman was always finding some way to attack her. Now, she's even targeting her friends!

As soon as the auction's finished, she must make her pay the price!

The auction still continued. From beginning to end, Dai Zhiman and Liujing Kun hadn't tried to buy a thing.

Just now, they forced Shao Zifan to pay an extra 32,000. How could Baili Hongzhuang not be waiting for a chance to get revenge?

No way will they be giving Baili Hongzhuang a chance for revenge!

"The next item of the auction is actually for a woman. Soaring Snake Skin, the best in its category for defense. Wearing it will definitely save your life one day!"

"As a cultivator, we often encounter life and death situations. This premium snakeskin is the first choice. Everyone, there's no need to hesitate!"

"The starting price is 40,000 gold coins. Bidding starts now!"

Zhao Yunxi froze as she stared at the red, colorful leather. She really wanted it ah!

"50,000 gold coins!" Zhao Yunxi shouted.

Hearing Zhao Yunxi's bid, the audience fell quiet with astonishment. By raising the price by 10,000 gold coins, it was obvious how much she wanted it.

Dai Zhiman smiled once again. That was Zhao Yunxi's voice!

"51,000 gold coins!" Dai Zhiman called.

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