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Chapter 190

Because of that, Zhao Yunxi no longer had any more interest in the snakeskin and Dai Zhiman also didn’t care about the snakeskin. In the end, to everyone's surprise, Zhao Yunxi got the armor for an incredibly low price!

"Zhiman, you have to be careful when dueling Baili Hongzhuang tomorrow." Liujing Kun suddenly spoke.

Dai Zhiman raised her eyebrows and didn't care, "Hmph, its only Baili Hongzhuang. After I reveal all my power, she won't be my opponent!"

Liujing Jun frowned slightly, "I don't think Baili Hongzhuang's that simple. If she was truly that weak, your face wouldn't be like this right now."

Hearing his words, Dai Zhiman's face changed, immediately shouting: "That was only once, how could she be my opponent!"

"Zhiman, this……."

Liujing Kun still thought Dai Zhiman should be more careful. Even though Baili Hongzhuang wanted a duel on the spot, he didn't think that Baili Hongzhuang was an impulsive person.

If she dared to propose a life and death duel, she must've had some kind of confidence in her abilities.

But Dai Zhiman was already unwilling to listen and waved her hand in disgust, "Don't turn this into a big mess. Don't tell me you think I don't know my own strength?"

Seeing Dai Zhiman grow angry, Liujing Kun could only sigh and close his mouth.

Maybe Dai Zhiman already thought of a way to deal with Baili Hongzhuang tomorrow. So, now was her time to spite Baili Hongzhuang with the Ice Chilling Sword.

Many of the cultivators in the auction also wanted the Ice Chilling Sword. From the incredibly high starting price alone, the sword's value was obvious.

But in the end, the Ice Chilling Sword still fell into Baili Hongzhuang's hands.

The auction items were presented and sold. Each item was more expensive than the last. As the auction's items got less and less, the air inside the auction grew more and more tense. The auction's finale's value needn't be said.

However, almost everyone was still thinking about Baili Hongzhuang and Dai Zhiman's life and death duel. With their minds occupied on something else, the audience's enthusiasm was somewhat lacking.

After the last item was sold, everyone started to get up and prepare to leave. In that moment, Su Jin suddenly spoke, attracting the crowd's attention.

"Just before the auction began, our auction house actually received a new product for our finale. We believed you all would be very interested in it!"

Su Jin's face had a confident smile. When he found out about the newly added auction item for the finale, he knew that this would be their biggest auction yet!

Hearing Su Jin's call, everyone was startled, turning to look at the stage. The auction actually wasn't finished yet?

The guests who were about to leave returned to their seats. If it was Tianxiang Auction's finale, its value shouldn't be low.

"I wonder what sort of treasure it is, capable enough to be added to the auction last minute."

"Since it was able to become the auction's finale, I don't think the treasure is simple at all."

"This isn't the first time something like this happened, but this is the first time an item brought in just before the auction became the finale." Everyone was discussing heatedly, their faces all full of curiosity.

Zhao Yunxi was also very curious, "I wonder what kind of treasure can manage to become the auction's finale even though it was handed in just before it started."

Soon after she said those words, Zhao Yunxi and Shao Zifan were both startled, turning to look at Baili Hongzhuang.

Although they knew Baili Hongzhuang had brought in something to sell right before the auction started, they didn't know what. Could the treasure actually be Baili Hongzhuang's?

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