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Ever since Baili Huangzhuang showed up, little lord's behavior had become very different. But even so, it's still only their second time meeting, so isn't the change a bit too big?

"Don't you think that this woman is very interesting?" Dibei Chen's eyes held a faint smile.

Hei Mu was unconvinced. What did the little lord mean? So does he like or not like her, ah?

But it was obvious that Dibei Chen wasn't going to give Hei Mu an explanation, and together they just silently walked back to the Chen Imperial Mansion.

Only when she was absolutely sure Dibei Chen had left, did Baili Huangzhuang return inside Godly Doctor Square.

The two black and white fluffballs jumped in front of Baili Huangzhaung but didn't say a thing, only looking at her with big, rounded eyes.

"Did you guys see anything?" Baili Huangzhuang couldn't help but ask.

Little Black had an ambiguous smile on her face as she said, "Master, you blushed."

"Actually if you ignore his legs, then this Prince Chen is really quite good." Little White's tone was playful as he teased, "Master's a godly doctor, so treating him would be no problem!"

Watching the two fluffballs taunt her, Baili Huangzhuang just grabbed them before directly throwing them to the other side of the room!

Recalling what happened earlier, Baili Huangzhuang just couldn't help but feel depressed. Damn that Dibei Chen!

Although she was quite experienced in life, she was at a complete blank with love. Now with this distasteful Dibei Chen deliberately playing with her, it was really too hateful!

"I heard the Crown Prince had fallen ill, but all the imperial physicians couldn't do anything ah!"

"Who knows what strange disease, but countless blisters grew one after another on His Highness, the Crown Prince's body, and now the imperial palace is calling out the most skillful doctors under heaven!"

"It's said that anyone who could cure the Crown Prince's illness will be awarded 100,000 gold coins, ah!"

Hearing the reward, everybody sucked in a breath of cold air. If a doctor can cure the Crown Prince and get the 100,000 gold coins, it was enough for them to never have to work again.

"How could it be so simple. Even if all the imperial physicians and doctors were to work together and try to solve it, I'm still afraid that nobody would be able to cure the Crown Prince."

The corners of Baili Huangzhuang's red lips curved up into a smile. Her judgement was correct, and nobody in the group of doctors and imperial physicians could help the Crown Prince.

Little White and Little Black immediately rolled back, no longer daring to tease Baili Huangzhuang. Otherwise, who knew how far she might throw them this time.

"Master, is Xuanyuan Huan sick because of the powder you told me to sprinkle on him last time?" Little White asked.

Earlier, it was Little Black who had sprinkled itching powder on Baili Yuyan, letting her suffer her punishment while Xuanyuan Huan got off scot free. But now it seems that it wasn't as simple as it seemed to be.

"So smart!" Baili Yuyan smiled and nodded, a ruthless shine reappearing in her clear eyes, "Xuanyuan Huan, such scum ought to taste what pain really feels like!"

"But Master, then why would you only make Xuanyuan Huan fall sick now?" Asked Little Black.

Baili Huangzhuang's red lips curved into a smile, "Because I want Xuanyuan Huan to bring me some profit!"

She had calculated that it would take 7 days for her Godly Doctor Square to open, so she decided to give Xuanyuan Huan the taste of her miasma poisoning powder.

Miasma poisoning powder was a poison, causing the victim to be covered in agonizingly painful blisters. If the blister were to pop, then the pain would be gone, but a slow, tormenting poison would be released in its place.

The symptoms would reveal itself in 7 days without any prior notice. This was her own customized drug specially for Xuanyuan Huan.

Baili Huangzhuang knew nobody could cure her poison, but she herself!

The Emperor doted on Xuanyuan Huan very much. Once he realised that the imperial physicians couldn't do anything, he will definitely inform the outside world to call skilled doctors and physicians into the palace to treat his son.

By that time, Baili Huangzhuang would sweep in and cure Xuanyuan Huan, giving her publicity free of charge!

Then, everybody would know of her Godly Doctor Square, and business would naturally flow steadily from then on.

"We're going to the palace now?" Little Black and Little White were both puzzled before speaking up angrily, "In my opinion, it's not much better than just directly killing Xuanyuan Huan!"

Xuanyuan Huan forced Master to suffer so much, this little pain is really not worth it!

"Compared to what he had done with the dead Baili Huangzhuang, this death is far too easy!"

A sharp light flashed through Baili Huangzhuang's eyes as the enchanting smile on her lips revealed a trace of ruthlessness. This pain the previous Baili Huangzhuang had suffered for years, she will pay it back a thousand fold!

"Master's plan is to let Xuanyuan Huan suffer for 2 days before going to the Emperor's palace."

Little White immediately guessed Baili Huangzhuang's intentions. She would first let Xuanyuan Huan taste all the pain the drug could possibly offer, before curing him of the poison.

As he envisioned the moment when Xuanyuan Huan thanks Baili Huangzhuang gratefully, Little White laughed.

"That's right. We also need to let everybody know just how severe this illness is before I cure it. Otherwise, how would I be able to show off my medicinal skill?"

The next two days were just as Baili Huangzhuang had expected. Many doctors and physicians entered the palace with their heads held high, but left the palace sighing with heads tucked low.

This strange illness was completely unheard of.

Whether it was the miasma poisoning powder or itching powder, they were all Baili Huangzhuang's exclusive, hand-made recipes. Throughout the millennium, the recipes had gradually gotten lost in the flow of time. It was completely normal that nobody in Shengxue continent had any idea what it was.

Furthermore, even 1000 years ago, there were only a small number that knew of these recipes.

Because Baili Huangzhuang was always interested in drugs, poison, and powders back then, she had always spent her free time researching these various things. As such, many of these recipes were made by her own hands.

When she had shown her results back then, all the elders noisily clamoured as if they had seen a dog fly or a chicken bounce.

Baili Yuyan had to be forcibly restrained due to the itching powder, her skin and flesh teared open. Nowadays, she hid in her estate, never visiting Xuanyuan Huan once even while he was ill.

This matter aroused everybody's suspicions. After all, who didn't know Baili Yuyan and Xuanyuan Huan were a couple?

Now as they saw such a situation, they couldn't help wondering in their hearts: Did something happen between the two?

Although Baili Huangzhuang didn't know how bad Baili Yuyan's wounds were, she could easily guess that they weren't small.

This itching powder was her own recipe, so how could she not know just how serious it could be?

Baili Yuyan had poisoned her blind, so she'll destroy her looks! It's an eye for an eye.

"Another day passes, more doctors enter the palace and walk out shaking their heads. In my opinion, it seems like His Royal Highness is most likely hopeless."

"Shh, be quiet! If you dare to spread such a rumor, then be careful to keep your little life!"

"Bah, the Crown Prince had always been arrogant and despotic, who knows what unspeakable thing he did to receive such retribution! It's karma!"

"I've heard that the Crown Prince fell into a coma, and if he's not cured today, then he might not live through the night, ah."

In the imperial city, almost everybody was talking about Dibei Chen's condition.

Being a prince of a country, although he wasn't very well liked, everybody was still very concerned.

"I guess it's time for me to go now."

Baili Huangzhuang's small, clear face rippled with self confidence as she picked up her medicinal box and began walking to the imperial palace.

3 days later. The pain Xuanyuan Huan suffered was already far beyond what could a human could possibly stand. If she didn't heal him now, he might've already even ascended to 9th heaven the next morning.

Just as she got to the gates, Baili Huangzhuang was spotted by the guards.

"Who is it?"

"I am a doctor, here to treat his Royal Highness, the Crown Prince." Baili Huangzhuang replied calmly.

The guards turned suspicious as they listened to Baili Huangzhuang's answer. Eyeing her carefully, one replied, "Don't screw with us! This isn't a place for you to cause trouble, hurry up and scram!"

"I am a doctor! If you don't let me in the palace to treat His Royal Highness, take extra care of your necks!"

Baili Huangzhuang’s demeanour had turned cold and her eyes flashed with a ruthless light. An arrogant air was suddenly present before her.

The guards' original disdain cracked a little, stunned by Baili Huangzhuang's suddenly imposing attitude.

As the palace guards, they had met many big shots and officials, however, they had never seen anyone with such a frightening demeanour.

Not even His Royal Highness possessed such a lofty attitude. Under such an imposing aura, their primal instincts yearned to pledge their allegiance and serve her from the bottoms of their heart. But even so, they still didn't dare to defy their orders.

The guards slowly recovered one after another as they stared, flabbergasted by this young girl, Baili Huangzhuang. Who is she!?

How could her aura be so frightening!

Baili Huangzhuang's face was still indifferent, a trace of haughtiness in between her brows. These guards were just dogs who lowered their heads to the strong. As long as you had the ability, they would be respectful to you.

In her past life, she was the head of an extremely distinguished aristocratic family. Her lofty and imposing aura had been trained since young, and she may have passed through space, the imposing manner engraved in her still remained.

Sure enough, as soon as she released her aura, the guards no longer dared to look down on Baili Huangzhuang. How could a normal person possibly have such an imposing, yet dignified aura?

The Imperial Palace was a spectacular sight, gold and jade in glorious splendor. It released a blatant solemn and dignified air, making one deeply aware how small they were.

Under the guard's leadership, Baili Huangzhuang finally arrived at the East Palace.

The usually quiet East Palace was abnormally busy. Doctors, physicians, ministers, a group of 3322 people continuously worked to improve Xuanyuan Huan's condition.

Upon seeing another doctor arrived, everybody just took a quick glance. For the past three days, a new doctor or physician would come almost every moment, and they were already long used to it.

But when everybody saw Baili Huangzhuang, their faces all changed. It wasn't because of her looks, but because her age was just too small!

A 15 year old girl that might not even be able to distinguish between the different herbs, but actually wants to treat the Crown Prince, is this a joke?!

"Why'd you bring this little girl here! Aren't you just causing trouble!?" One of the many imperial physicians in the East Palace roared angrily.

Although they were all working together to treat the Crown Prince, you can't just turn to any doctor one could find when critically ill and bring in this child!

The body guard seemed to have already expected the physician's anger and had left as soon as brought Baili Huangzhuang to this room.

Although the other doctors didn't say anything, their attitudes and thoughts were all the same. This little girl coming here is of no help what so ever, and is only a burden!

"Elders, I still haven't even seen the Prince's condition, so are you already able to say that I can't cure your Prince?"

Baili Huangzhuang voice was unhurried, her clear, jade-like face indifferent and carefree. There were no traces of doubt or displeasure, just an apathetic calmness.

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