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Chapter 244

Baili Hongzhuang raised her brows, her phoenix eyes flashing. She actually had no idea that there was something like a pill master guild.

After 1000 years, many new organizations and guilds have popped up in Shengxuan, but…… authentication doesn't sound too bad.

"I heard that Liu Qinyue is also a pill master and not only is she very good at concocting pills but even recently passed the 2nd-grade pill master examination, causing many more men to admire her even more.

Liu Qinyue really has the skills worthy of being looked upon so highly by Azure Water School. She relied on her own power to become a special enrollment student, and is even a second-grade pill master, really great."

Her beautiful, fresh and cute face sighed with emotion. Although Liu Qinyue's behavior wasn't at all cold, her strength truly was admirable.

Baili Hongzhuang's ink black pupils seem to twinkle with stars as her lips stretched into a bewitchingly beautiful smile, "Azure Water School's no.1 beauty really has both looks and power."

At Liu Qinyue's age, to become a second-grade pill master, her potential was truly breath-taking.

"But it doesn't matter." Xia Zhiqing sat beside Baili Hongzhuang, a smile on her small and delicate face, "I believe that with you, Hongzhuang's ability, you can definitely overtake Liu Qinyue!"

"Go for it! I believe in you!"

Xia Zhiqing raised her tiny fists, animatedly conveying her trust in Baili Hongzhuang.

Seeing Xia Zhiqing's high expectations for her, Baili Hongzhuang couldn't help but laugh, "I'll go for it then."

Getting Baili Hongzhuang's assurance, Xia Zhiqing's smile grew even bigger. But it then fell in a flash.

"Special enrollment students are so good. I heard that you're going out to learn through experience tomorrow, to complete mercenary missions?"

Baili Hongzhuang nodded slightly, "Right."

"Really enviable. I have to cultivate peacefully along with everyone in the class. I wanna go out and kill, kill, kill!"

Baili Hongzhuang's lips hooked into a bright smile. Xia Zhiqing's adorable face really didn't match with her violent temperament.

"It won't be long until you can start accepting missions too, so right now, cultivate properly."

Mercenary missions were often very dangerous, so you needed to have enough strength if you wanted to carry it out.

Ordinary students weren't strong enough, so Azure Water School arranged for them to first train and cultivate to improve their strength before organizing their missions once they were strong enough.

"I'll definitely try hard to improve my strength so, in the future, you must train with me!"

"I'm waiting!"

"After you set off and take care of yourself, I'll wait for you to come back in the courtyard."


It was early morning. The sun slowly rose along the horizon, the first rays of sun splitting through the clouds to land on the earth.

Baili Hongzhuang stopped cultivating and finished tidying up her things before leaving the room.

Dongfang Yu and the rest also came down from upstairs. Soon, everyone gathered outside the dormitory.

Bai Junyu and Cui Haoyan had also come out. Today, their teams would start their missions.

Cui Haoyan stared at Gong Shaoqing, "Gong Shaoqing, why don't we have another competition again?" "

The last time their two teams had a competition, they had lost by a meager amount. This time, they were going to turn the tables!

Gong Shaoqing's face still held that unshakable indifference, his pitch black pupils deep and reserved. "Fine."

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