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Chapter 250

Baili Hongzhuang smiled slightly with her eyes shining brightly, "It's fine, I don’t feel tired."

Compared to the difficult cultivation practices she had gone through before, walking and running for a whole day was easy. There’s no way she would feel exhausted from that.

The only problem was that this body's physical strength wasn’t good enough. She still needed to train more.

"Oh?" Dongfang Yu's brows raised up. His peach blossom like eyes contained surprise and laughter, "I never knew that a General Household's Miss can handle so much."

Dongfang Yu and the others run around outside and play often, so they are already used to the exhaustion.

Baili Hongzhuang was only a new student at Azure Water School. She was also a General's daughter. She most likely has been spoilt and wasn’t able to handle such hard work.
In fact, Baili Hongzhuang's behavior was already way better than what he imagined

How many young girls would throw a fit at the thought of going into the mountains? Such a scene wasn't common at all, especially in the common class. They seemed to be everywhere.

Hearing that, Baili Hongzhuang's lips pulled into a grin a grin, "That's because you don't understand me well enough."

Children from rich families are usually pampered and spoiled. However, she was not one of those kids. She’s always lived worse than a pig or dog.

His peach blossom eyes revealed his confusion. He hadn't missed the darkness flickering in Baili Hongzhuang's eyes. Could there be a story behind it?

Gong Shaoqing's eyes flickered and expressionlessly said, "She has not done anything but walk today. If she can’t even handle that, then she should not be a cultivator.

The same cold unchanging tone. The same tone looking for a beating.
Baili Hongzhuang coldly glanced at Gong Shaoqing. Not one word from that guy's mouth was good.

Dongfang Yu smiled, revealing traces of curiosity, "Our Gong Shaoqing normally never speak in such long sentences ah."

"If you say it like that, does that mean that he was giving me face?" Baili Hongzhuang raised her eyebrows and asked. Her eyes contained a grin.

After getting along for a while, she knew that Gong Shaoqing had a good heart. It’s just that his words aren’t very pleasant to hear.

Dongfang Yu's brows lifted lightly. Although he did not speak, his laughter was very obvious.

Liu Qinyue looked at the scene in front of her. Her gentle and water like eyes showed traces of tension and anxiousness, but that was quickly hidden away.

"Hongzhuang, you won’t mind if I call you by that right?" Liu Qinyue smiled softly. Her voice was like the wind, clear and pleasant to hear.

"I don't mind." Baili Hong smiled back. Today, Liu Qinyue was walking by Gong Shaoqin, so they didn't speak much.

"It’s your first time doing mercenaries, so you are bound to be unused to it. The next few days will all be like today. If you are unused to it, you can come talk to me."

Liu Qinyue's smile was sweet and beautiful. Her soft looks make her seem like a kind sister. It let people put down their guards on her.

"Thank you for your concern." Her bright phoenix eyes flashed with light, "I’m not one of those pampered kids. Since I have decided to come here to cultivate, I have already gotten ready to experience hardship. You guys don't have to care about me."

She was not at all new to this, so she didn't need to receive all this special care.

The three's eyes all fell on Baili Hongzhuang. Those dark eyes were calm and persistent as the sun, glowing brightly.
Dongfang Yu couldn't help but change the way he saw her. He knew that what Baili Hongzhuang said was true, not only words of courtesy.

She really didn't need everyone to see her as a newbie. That kind of firm and resolute eyes was something he recognized.

The reason was that every cultivator that has gone through tough and hard practices, would have such eyes. Including Gong Shaoqing… Including him…

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