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Chapter 252

"The armored rhinoceres is furious."

Gong Shaoqing's voice was downcast. A haze covered his cold and indifferent eyes, hiding what was under so nobody could see.

"Baili Hongzhuang already managed to seriously wound the armored rhinoceros with only two strokes of her sword. Whether it’s strength or mentality, there are no flaws at all."

Dongfang Yu's graceful, handsome face was filled with admiration. It was very rare for a new student to give such a performance on their first time out.

"After an armored rhinoceres's strength bursts out, it isn't easy to deal with it."

Liu Qinyue's voice was tender as if water, her dainty, delicate face unreadable.

"I think that no matter what it is, Baili Hongzhuang will be able to handle it." Dongfang Yu smiled confidently.

He could see that even facing the armored rhinoceros’ fury, Baili Hongzhuang was still calm and indifferent, her eyes undisturbed with out the slightest wave. She wasn't at all panicked.


The armored rhinoceros charged forward. Baili Hongzhuang sheathed her sword and once again faced it head on!

This time, Baili Hongzhuang didn't slip by but instead jumped up into midair.

Her figure flipped over, landing steadily on its back!

Her movements were neat and tidy as if it was second nature. It was just like she already knew what would happen. Her carefulness was worthy of admiration.

The armored rhino didn't think that this repulsive human would crawl onto its back and frantically shook its body, wanting to throw Baili Hongzhuang off.

But no matter how the armored rhinoceros moved and twisted, Baili Hongzhuang was stuck on its back.

Right now, the fastest way to defeat it was to attack the armored rhino's back. But this time, the mission was to bring back the rhino's intact leather so Baili Hongzhuang couldn't.

The sprit power in her body rushed forth as her middle stage mysterious eon strength burst out.

Baili Hongzhuang gathered her spirit power in her right hand, giving out a dazzling light.

"Storm Cleaver!"

Baili Hongzhuang shouted coldly, the berzerk, endless strength in her first ruthlessly pounding on the armored rhino!


A dull noise sounded as a heavy object fell to the ground.=

The armored rhinoceros toppled over with a loud bang, its big eyes slowly losing light.

Dongfang Yu and the rest were all astonished. They never thought that Baili Hongzhuang would be able to kill the armored rhinoceros so cleanly and efficiently.

Originally they had thought that even if Baili Hongzhaung was strong enough to defeat the armored rhinoceres, their fight would definitely be at least dangerous.

But Baili Hongzhuang's fight was smooth and natural, without the least bit of flaw.

Gong Shaoqing's eyes flickered. Baili Hongzhuang's fight didn't seem one bit like a shaky novice's.

All her responses to the armored rhino were clear and logical, nimbly attacking its weak points. Everything was methodically arranged as if she had lived a life secluded in the mountains.

Baili Hongzhuang easily took out the armored rhino's demonic core. But before Dongfang Yu and the others could congratulate Baili Hongzhuang, an enormous figure charged at Baili Hongzhuang like lightning!

A heavy shadow covered Baili Hongzhuang. She raised her eyes and saw another armored rhinoceros facing the one she had just killed!

"Be careful!"

Dongfang Yu cried in alarm. His gentle and soft, handsome face was filled with worry, but they were too far. The armored rhinoceros’ arrival was too sudden. There wasn't enough time to save her

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