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Chapter 255

Baili Hongzhaung raised her brows. It seems like there's a pretty big grudge between their team and Yu Hucheng's.

"Yi Hucheng, what do you want now?"

Dongfang Yu's normally graceful and gentle appearance was now like ice, his deep, dark eyes filled with disgust.

"What do I want now?" Yi Hucheng smiled, his eyes slowly turning dark, "That armored rhinoceros is now mine."

Dongfang Yu sneered, "You're dreaming!"

"I'm dreaming?" Yi Hucheng's smile slowly widened, "If you don't hand it over, we'll just beat you up. Plus, you have 2 women, be careful, ah."

"After all, my brothers here would be happy to ravage the flowers."

In line with Yi Hucheng's words, the 3 men behind him all stared at Baili Hongzhaung and Liu Qinyue, filled with interest.

Yi Hucheng's eyes lit up, "I didn't think that Azure Water School would actually get another beauty I haven't seen before."

He looked at Baili Hongzhuang frivolously, not trying to hide the lust in his eyes at all.

Baili Hongzhuang's phoenix eyes that were clear like water was filled with distaste and contempt. Yi Hucheng's stare only made her disgusted.

"Where do you think you're looking!"

There was a clear warning in her cold voice. She hated these sort of annoying and shameless guys the most.
(LOL isn't Dibei Chen also annoying and shameless? :3)

Hearing Baili Hongzhuang's rude warning, Yi Hucheng actually smiled instead of getting angry, "Compared to that whore, Li Qinyue, this little beauty seems to have a lot more than that 'gentle as water' personality."

Hearing that, Liu Qinyue's elegant, dainty face turned pale. Her figure trembled slightly as if she had suffered a huge blow.

Baili Hongzhuang felt a burst of astonishment. Anyone who saw Liu Qinyue would immediately take her for a goddess so for Yi Hucheng to call her a whore was truly surprising."

For Liu Qinyue to be this panicked, there was clearly some history behind them.

Seeing this, Baili Hongzhuang was still a bit unconvinced.

With Gong Shaoqing and his group's status in Azure Water School, who would dare to be so hostile?

Yi Hucheng and his group obviously weren't Azure Water School's students, but then otherwise, why would he have history with them?

"Master, that annoying guy's strength is comparable to Gong Shaoqing's." Little White called out.

Her phoenix eyes suddenly narrowed, a trace of understanding flitting by as Baili Hongzhuang instantly realized something.

A faint possibility floated into her mind. Maybe these 4 people were former students of Azure Water School.

After all, to have that much strength at such a young age, they could be considered as cultivation geniuses, absolutely not like ordinary rich prodigal sons.

"Yi Hucheng, don't look for trouble."

Gong Shaoqing's voice was sinisterly cold, his dark, pitch black pupils like ice as a trace of killing intent slowly grew.

"I am looking for trouble, what can you do about it?" Yi Hucheng's smile suddenly grew icy, resentment and hatred burning in his eyes, "Gong Shaoqing, you made me fall into this situation, so do you really think that I'd give you an easy time?"

"You brought it upon yourself, you deserved to be driven away from the school!"

Dongfang Yu's voice was cold and decisive, the icy color of his eyes below freezing.

"Haha." Yi Hucheng walked towards Dongfang Yu, "I deserved it?"

Yi Hucheng suddenly raised his voice, his pitch black pupils seeming to go mad, "If it wasn't for that whore, how could I have become like this?"

"All of this, everything is because of you guys!" Yi Hucheng's veins protruded, "As long as I, Yi Hucheng is alive, I will not let you guys have a peaceful life!"

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