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Chapter 263

"Can I hug it?" Baili Hongzhuang looked at Baishi. Recalling his previous aggression towards Dongfang Yu, she shook her head, "This little guy doesn't like anyone else but me, so he might bite."

"Oh." Liu Qinyue was somewhat disappointed but still smiled, "He really knows his master."

Baishi glanced at Liu Qinyue lazily before happily snuggling into Baili Hongzhuang's shoulder, a bit uneasy.

Little Black and Little White glanced at each other. Little Black muttered angrily, "This guy stole our seats."

"He's a contract beast just like us, but look at the difference in treatment."

Little White curled his lips. Baishi was lying happily on their master's shoulders while they could only pretend to be ornaments on her head.

Heart really hurts.

Little White clutched his chest and dropped his head. So depressing!

"You guys are also my contract beasts?" Baili Hongzhuang's clear phoenix eyes were filled with confusion, "We never made a contract, have we?"

Even though Little Black and Little White had been calling her 'master' ever since the Primordial Chaos Ring acknowledged her as its owner, they never actually made a contract together before.

"Master, when you contracted with the Primordial Chaos Ring, you also contracted with us."

Baili Hongzhuang's eyes became even more confused. Even supposing Little Black and Little White's words were correct…… wasn't everyone only allowed to contract one demonic beast?

"I have 3 contract beasts?"

Little Black eyes curved until they seemed just like crescent moons, "Master, you're the owner of the Primordial Chaos Ring, so of course you're different from normal people. There's no limit to the number of contract beasts you can get. As your strength grows, the amount of contract beasts you may get also increases."

Baili Hongzhaung's eyes brightened up. Although she only found out about this today…… having no limit to her contract beasts really was so convenient!

The corners of Baili Hongzhuang's lips stretched into a smile. The only regret she had about her contract with Baishi, was his lack of fighting power.

It must be known that until your strength reached a certain level, contract beasts were very, very helpful in a tough battle.

Since she had missed such a huge a.s.sist, she was obviously a bit regretful.

But since now that regret no longer existed, she was naturally very happy.

"Master, Baishi can see other people so when can us two?" Little Black asked miserably, his face filled with hardship.

Speaking of that, they were here first, but Baishi had gotten the first victory already.

Baili Hongzhuang felt herself blush with shame. It wasn't that she was unwilling to let the two fluffb.a.l.l.s to see others but…… who told her contract beasts to be so outstanding?

So far, no matter if it was Baishi or the two fluffb.a.l.l.s, she didn't know the species of any of them.

Baishi looked like he was just a little puppy, but the two fluffb.a.l.l.s…… they were just too conspicuous!

"Wait for me to get stronger."

Her dark phoenix eyes were serious and determined. Baishi looked completely harmless, so others weren't that envious.

But Little Black and Little White were really too special. Not everybody could stay untempted.

Little Black and Little White looked at Baili Hongzhuang's serious face and didn't continue to talk. They understood Baili Hongzhuang's thoughts.

Dongfang Yu quickly put away the leather. There was nothing else of value left on the Armored Rhinoceros’s body. Its flesh wasn't tasty, so they just left it there.

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