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Check back soon!Such a terrifying Demonic Beast Tide, if they hadn't luckily managed to find a cave to hide in, they long would've been trampled to death!

Dongfang Yu's face was extremely difficult to describe, his eyes filled with a constrained fury, "Baili Hongzhuang, she……."

It was only one step. If he had managed to grab Baili Hongzhuang back then, the current situation wouldn't be like this!

Gong Shaoqing's eyes also revealed his self-blame and unhappiness. If it wasn't for that guy disrupting things, how would Baili Hongzhuang have sunk into such a dangerous situation?

Although they didn't know what would happen on the right side road, they could already foresee what would happen from here. Baili Hongzhuang had no chance of survival!

It was their first time taking Baili Hongzhuang out for a mission and the teachers entrusted her to their care, but they had allowed Baili Hongzhuang to lose her life.

Liu Qinyue's face was pale, her slim, fair hands covering her mouth as her eyes turned misty.

They were just hunting demonic beasts together a few hours ago. Nobody expected that in such a short time, Baili Hongzhuang would lose her life.

Dongfang Yu could only feel a hard to describe pain and fury burning in the bottom of his stomach with no way to vent it. This was the first time he experienced such a feeling.

It was strange but suffocating.

"Damn it!" Dongfang Yu grabbed the collar of the elated man next to him, directly pushing the man into the air. If it wasn't for this man running between them midway, Baili Hongzhuang wouldn't have died!


Dongfang Yu ruthlessly punched the man's face, sending the man flying several meters away.

Panic appeared on the man's face. He immediately understood why Dongfang Yu had hit him.

Although his heart was somewhat sullen, he didn't dare to say anything.

After all, Dongfang Yu was just too strong. Plus, it was him who was in the wrong.

At such a critical juncture, he only wanted to save his own life. So even if he could choose all over again, he would still pick the same option!

Bang Bang Bang!

Dongfang Yu continued to punch the man's body, treating him as if he was a punching bag!

But even though he did that, he was still unable to vent the suffocating pain and anger burning in his heart!

The man was badly battered and spouting blood, but could only receive it passively.

Gong Shaoqing just stared at the man coldly, finally also sending the man flying into a rock with a kick.

Clearly, Gong Shaoqing's heart was also unpleasant.

Liu Qinyue's eyes were filled with shock and confusion when she saw Gong Shaoqing's kick. She had almost never seen Gong Shaoqing do such a thing before…..

It was also the first time she had seen Dongfang Yu act so emotionally.

As cultivators, they never really experienced the feeling of losing a comrade. But still, Dongfang Yu had never been as angry as today.

"Gong da ge, Dongfang, Hongzhuang's accident was something none of us thought would happen." Liu Qinyue comforted.

But Gong Shaoqing and Dongfang Yu didn't reply. They clearly didn't care the slightest bit about Liu Qinyue's consultation.

"I hope Baili Hongzhuang will be alright."

Dongfang Yu's expression was sincere and earnest. Even though he knew the probability was extremely small, he still held a gleam of hope.

Baili Hongzhaung looked at the wound going across almost half of Moyun Jue's body, astonishment flashing in her eyes.

This wound, if it was just the slightest bit deeper, Moyun Jue definitely won't even have a single chance of surviving!

But even like this, if Moyun Jue continued to dilly dally, he'd be throwing away his life!

The wound was faintly black. Moyun Jue had been poisoned!

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