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Dressed up nicely, Baili Hongzhuang left Elegant Daylily Pavillion and headed to the General’s Household’s gates.

When people saw Baili Hongzhuang, their eyes all widened one after another in shock, glittering with doubt.

“Who is this girl? How did she suddenly appear in the General’s Household?”

“I just saw her walk out of Elegant Daylily Pavillion, could it possibly be the second miss?”

“You’re joking! The second miss is blind. I think this girl resembles Godly Doctor Square’s lady Hongzhaung!”

Many people wondered, but no one tried to stop Baili Hongzhuang.

Just one look and they could see that this girl’s status wasn’t low. If they, the servants, were to block a noble miss, wouldn’t that be equivalent to courting death?

But when Baili Hongzhaung saw the sedan chair prepared for her by the entrance, a touch of ridicule appeared on her charming face.

Because the sedan chair in front of her didn’t even have any sedan bearers!

They never planned on letting her go to the evening banquet from the beginning!

“Too hateful!” Little Black’s tiny face was angry, “Master, do you think we can find some sedan bearers?”

Suddenly, a trail of heavy footsteps could be heard from a distance, and one could see a heavily decorated, ornate sedan chair slowly approaching.

Baili Hongzhuang wasn’t too surprised. She knew that it ought to be heading to the imperial palace for the drafting feast, but had no idea who was inside.

“Wife, it seems like you can’t reach the palace like that. Maybe, it’s better……. For us to go together?”

The soft and rich voice seemed to hold a smile, familiar and teasing. A voice she happened to know especially well.

Baili Hongzhuang was startled to see Dibei Chen lift up the curtain, looking at her with a smile on his face.


Baili Hongzhuang smiled. Dibei Chen must’ve already known her identity, otherwise, he wouldn’t be so calm to see her here.

At first, she had wanted to meet Dibei Chen, but after meeting him, she only knew that he wasn’t simple, and didn’t want to get involved with him. But despite avoiding him, they kept on meeting, again and again.

Although this fellow’s mouth was always speaking frivolously, she could tell that Dibei Chen held no bad intentions towards her.

As for Dibei Chen’s secret, she wasn’t at all interested to inquire deeper.

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang agree so easily, Dibei Chen’s eyes held a touch of surprise.

So his wife is also very smart!

Until Baili Hongzhuang entered the sedan chair, Hei Mu was touching his head doubtfully. Whenever Lady Baili saw his master, she would always stamp her foot in anger and exasperation. Since when did their relationship become so harmonious?

“It’s said that your days in the General’s household aren’t very pleasant.” Dibei Chen said slowly.

Baili Hongzhuang shrugged her shoulders, “The world says the crippled prince spends all day depressed in his room when actually, he flies free and unrestrained.”

Hearing her words, the smile on Dibei Chen’s face grew even wider. This man’s uniquely handsome face and charming smile was unparalleled, enough to bring even entire kingdoms to ruin.

“Like this, wife and I are kindred spirits.”

“Maybe, if you weren’t so shameless.”

A smile was on Baili Hongzhuang’s face. Now that she was sure Dibei Chen meant no harm to her, their interactions naturally became a lot more gentle.

“Today, you’re entering the palace with that appearance. I’m afraid that his grudge against you isn’t small, so you have to be careful. Don’t provoke the Emperor.”

Dibei Chen’s voice suddenly turned serious, making Baili Hongzhaung rather surprised. Is he worried for her?

She also understood the risks she’s taking today by entering the palace. After all, using the identity of “Hongzhuang’ to face other people’s fine, but if she faces the Emperor, then she would’ve committed the crime of “deceiving a monarch”!

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