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Chapter 398  Younger brother, good news!

Just as Baili Hong Zhuang had considered the time for the permanent departure of Gu Cang Yun, Little White's curious voice suddenly rang out.

“Well, Di Bei Chen, how come you are going out now?”

Little White's eyes were flashing with a curiosity; these days, Di Bei Chen had never gone out, ah.

Baili Hong Zhuang's brow lifted, dark, bright eyes flashing with a thoughtfulness like her doubts had just been affirmed, her heart had already faintly guessed this, but as she had not witnessed, she could not be sure.

“Master, when do we go?” Little Black asked.

For Gu Cang Yun that old guy, he only felt more and more annoyance, and just wanted to go faster to solve the old fart.

Baili Hong Zhuang lips arced in a joking smile, “Since you are already this impatient, we will be starting now!”

“Well!” Little Black laughed excitedly.

Baishi had also heard this and bounded towards Baili Hong Zhuang, his two, furry hands holding a purple demon crystal, eyes showing his happiness.

Baili Hong Zhuang touched Baishi’s head, opened the door and walked the outside of the college's premise.


After today’s things, Dai Yun Yang could be considered the most depressed person, but his heart also felt somewhat fortunate.

If it was not for him letting Ling Jia Xin and the other two, question Baili Hong Zhuang first, but he himself, he would have lost face today at the morning prayer square.

Now his face was temporarily saved, but that laxative had really caused him such a big loss, making him miserable!

He did not know what to do, naturally could not go to Feng Yu Tang.

If he were to tell Feng Yu Tang that he failed, then he was afraid that he could not even go back alive.

“I did not expect this Baili Hong Zhuang to be even so powerful, our plan was perfect but she has destroyed everything!”

Ling Jia Xin looked indignant; today's things had exhausted her and completely lost her face.

“Who could have thought that Baili Hong Zhuang would even give us a fake Dan and that Gong Shao Qing and the others had taken the real one? If not, no one can be sure if we wronged Baili Hong Zhuang.” Liu Jing Kan was also depressed, did not expect to fall so short!

Dai Yun Yang was even more depressed on hearing the words of Liu Jing Kan, it is obvious he was wronged!

He did not do anything injust to Baili Hong Zhuang, okay?

However, he now has no other way to tell Liu Jing Kan and others because he couldn’t accept the fact that people no longer pay any attention to him.

So, this tone he can only swallow bitterly.

Just as Dai Yun Yang pondered what they should do next, Pang Yun Xiang, who had been sent to inquire about the news, quickly stepped in the room.

“Younger brother, there is good news!”

Pang Yun Xiang's slightly cheerful and proud face was like an invitation for good news to Dai Yun Yang.

Dai Yun Yang frowned, at such a time, how can there be any good news?

“What good news?” Ling Jia Xin asked curiously.

Pang Yun Xiang could no longer hold it in and eyes shining with excitement, he said, “I have checked, and now in the Special Enrollment dormitory Baili Hong Zhuang is the only one!”

Hearing this remark, Dai Yun Yang and the other two's eyes are fixed on the body of Pang Yun Xiang.

“Only Baili Hong Zhuang is there? How is that possible?”

Liu Jing Kan had some doubts, not to mention Dong Fang Yu, Gong Shao Qing and others who have been staying in special enrollment dormitory, for Di Bei Chen it was absolutely impossible to be separate from Baili Hong Zhuang.

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