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Baili Zhentao frowned. Both the Emperor and Empress had already arrived, but Baili Hongzhuang still dared to be late!

Baili Haoxuan's face was puzzled, "I'm unsure, but I'm afraid that she just doesn't want to come."

"Nonsense!" Baili Zhentao's face was furious, "This was the Emperor's imperial edict, how could she think that she has the right to not come?"

On this day the Crown Prince was choosing the main wife, Baili Hongzhuang was one of the most paid attention to figures. If this matter wasn't linked to her, nobody would notice that she was missing.

But now, almost everybody was looking for Baili Hongzhuang. Once the Emperor asks, wouldn't they be finished?

Sure enough, just as Baili Zhentao was worrying, the prime minister Li Chengqian asked, "General Baili, where's Baili Hongzhaung? I didn't see her today."

The relationship between Li Chengqian and Baili Zhentao had always been tense. Now that there was an opportunity to embarrass Baili Zhentao, he naturally wouldn't let the chance go.

Baili Zhentao's face sunk. This Li Chengqian was just looking for trouble!

Noticing Baili Zhentao's face turning ugly, the smile on Li Chengqian's face widened, "Baili Hongzhuang isn't coming today?"

Baili Zhentao and Li Chengqian were both powerful officials, many people paid attention to their conversation.

Speaking of Baili Hongzhaung, the crowd realized that they actually didn't see Baili Hongzhuang once in the Imperial Garden today!

Suddenly, the noisy garden fell stunningly silent.

One after another, everybody turned to watch two figures moving in the distance, amazement and wonder reflected in their eyes.

Dibei Chen wore a golden robe, his handsome face graced by the heavens with a faintly discernable smile. His aura was calm and tranquil like wind, like a cool breeze in the forest, making people fall into a trance.

Even in a wheelchair, his back was still straight. The dignified air released from his bones didn't lose to anyone present.

From the moment he appeared, he seemed to emit a radiant light, attracting everybody's eyes!

But what was most stunning wasn't Dibei Chen, but the figure clad in white by his side.

The woman was clothed in a white dress, outlining her fine and delicate figure. Her ink black hair was casually bound in a bun, wisps of hair framed her face. She looked free and at ease.

No makeup was piled upon her exquisite face, eyebrows curved like an azure feather, wasskin like snow, and her waist soft and flexible like bundles of raw silk. Her pair of phoenix eyes shone like colored class, twinkling brightly like a precious gem.

Even when standing next to the Imperial City's most handsome man, Dibei Chen, Baili Hongzhuang didn't lose in the least.

Everybody couldn't help but lament. What a peerless beauty!

Throughout the years, everybody sighed about how Dibei Chen's unrivaled loowere incomparable to be matched to any women. But today, one had actually appeared!

"Hongzhaung? Could she be Godly Doctor Hongzhaung?"

Nobody knew who shouted first, but all eyes were fixed on Baili Hongzhuang.

Godly Doctor Square's fame was widespread. Not a single person in the entire imperial city would not know about Godly Doctor Square, and naturally, also about the Godly Doctor, Hongzhuang.

With one look, everybody knew without a doubt, that this was Godly Doctor Hongzhuang!

But how come Hongzhuang and Dibei Chen came together? Most importantly, though…… how was Hongzhuang able to even attend the banquet?

Baili Yuyan stared at Baili Hongzhuang, a touch of hatred shining in her eyes.

If it wasn't for this woman, how could she be reduced to who she was now!

It was all thanks to this Hongzhuang, and now this woman actually dared to attend the drafting feast?

Xuanyuan Huan was also staring at Baili Hongzhuang. He had never expected to see her here today.

Since the day Hongzhuang had refused him, although he had never seen her since, his heart had never left her.

Perhaps it was because no one had ever refused him outright before, or since Baili Hongzhuang was simply too beautiful, but he had always dreamed about her.

The dress Baili Hongzhuang wore today exuded a fascinating charm. His feelings to the ministers's young misses faded away in a split second, replaced by a brilliant light as he looked at her.

In his eyes, there was only Hongzhuang.

When the maidens who were trying to attract Xuanyuan Huan's attention saw Baili Hongzhuang steal their limelight, their expressions all turned ugly.

"Today's the drafting feast for his highness, so what's Hongzhuang doing here!"

Voices of jealousy and discontent spread amongst the crowd. Although she had previously rejected the Crown Prince, many people wondered, could she have had a change of heart?

Baili Yuyan directly stepped out of the crowd and spoke, "Hongzhaung, this is a banquet hosted by the imperial family. You who's not even the daughter of an official or minister, how could you be here?"

After her words were spoken, everybody's eyes landed on Baili Hongzhuang's body. Even the distant Emperor and Empress silently noted down the fact.

Baili Hongzhuang laughed enchantingly. Although it wasn't as elegent, it invoked a different kind of charm.

"Sister, you don't recognize me?"

Her cold voice was mocking as she stared at Baili Yuyan, enjoying the look on her face.

Listening to her familiar voice, Baili Yuyan turned as pale as a ghost, watching Baili Hongzhuang, stunned as she asked, "You…..y-you are?"

"Baili Hongzhuang."

Baili Hongzhuang spoke slowly, her voice firm and unquestionable.

I am Baili Hongzhauang!

Today, she had told everybody her true identity.

Everybody stared at Baili Hongzhaung in shock. None of them were strangers to this name!

The abandoned Crown Princess!

The General Household's second miss who was unable to cultivate, that trash!

With such a reputation, Baili Hongzhaung was like a joke in everybody's eyes, just a pitiful creature that a few sympathize with.

But staring at that radiant figure in front of them, they were just simply unable to link the two together.

"Impossible, how could you be Baili Hongzhuang!"

Baili Yuyan's eyes widened as horror seized her heart, too panicked to even consider trying to maintain her image.

Compared to Baili Yuyan's blundering, Baili Hongzhuang was indifferent, every move appearing elegant.

"We've been living together for more than 10 years, so even if you had blinded me, I've never how you looked. But you can't recognize me even as I stand right in front of you. I'm really saddened."

Baili Hongzhuang smiled, casually saying the bloody facts as if they weren't about her.

Everybody was in an uproar. The crowd all forgot about the evening banquet, immeresed in Baili Hongzhuang's words.

"Hongzhuang, she's actually the General Household's trash miss, Baili Hongzhuang!"

Although they had felt that the name Hongzhuang was a little familiar, none of them thought that the two names would be connected!

"Baili Hongzhuang said Baili Yuyan blinded her?"

"Baili Yuyan even robbed her little sister's fiance, so why couldn't she have blinded Baili Hongzhuang as well?"

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