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Chapter 443  Tampered Clothes

Di Bei Chen narrowed his eyes devilishly before his face showed a bit of sadness.

"Wifey only cares about the results and does not care about me at all. The husband is very sad right now."

Baili Hong Zhuang’s beautiful eyes changed a little, although she knew that the sadness on this guy's face was just bogus, he really seemed to be overdoing it.

"Then… you weren't injured when you were testing my theory right?" said Baili Hong Zhuang with an unnatural expression.

A bright and charming smile lit up Di Bei Chen's face, "Lady is so concerned about me that husband’s heart is moved."

"However, with husband's skills, it was naturally not dangerous and he would not be hurt."


Baili Hong Zhuang really did not want to talk to this person again, wasn't he just trying to tease her, ah?

And why did his face look like that?

Xia Zhi Qing looked at the interaction between Baili Hong Zhuang and Di Bei Chen, and a smile couldn't help but grace her face.

Di Bei Chen was really very interesting. Every day, no matter how cold Baili Hong Zhuang tried to act, he wouldn't give up and acted shamelessly as he pursued her.

This situation should be… a match made in heaven, right?

What's more, Di Bei Chen was a very outstanding individual. Even though the entire college knows that he already has a wife, she still sees female students expressing their feelings to Di Bei Chen.

She found that Di Bei Chen's treatment of Baili Hong Zhuang and other woman was basically on two different planes.

Faced with other women's confessions, Di Bei Chen's face would be indifferent from beginning to end, never showing a smile, even refusing to give an answer, simply too lazy to speak.

However, in front of Baili Hong Zhuang, Di Bei Chen became a shameless rascal.

It was because of this that she feels that Di Bei Chen truly loved Baili Hong Zhuang.

With Baili Hong Zhuang being so outstanding if the other person does not treat her well and truthfully with all their heart and soul, wasn't it too woeful?

Looking at Xia Zhi Qing's smile, Bai Jun Yu smile too.

Xia Zhi Qing blinked at Bai Jun Yu's smile. She thought that Bai Jun Yu and she were both interested In the relationship between Baili Hong Zhuang and Di Bei Chen, but she was unaware that Bai Jun Yu was smiling because of her.

"Can you tell me the results of the test now?" Baili Hong Zhuang’s face revealed a bit of helplessness, she found that she really had no way to get around Di Bei Chen.

Di Bei Chen nodded. He felt that Baili Hong Zhuang's helpless faces were particularly adorable. His lady was always stubborn but she was not without emotions.

"As you guessed, our clothes were tampered with."

Di Bei Chen said serious, his joking face disappearing in a moment.

According to Baili Hong Zhuang, he went ahead on his own and discovered that many Wicked (demonic beast) appeared and attacked him . From his experience of walking in these mountains, he tried his best to avoid them, but they always seemed to know where he was, catching up with him wherever he went.

Then, after he changed his clothes and threw his previous clothes into his yin-yang pouch, those whelps never appeared again.

Obviously, the problem was with his clothes.

Baili Hong Zhuang's clear and refined face was not surprised in the least, there was a hint of chilliness in her expression as she sneered. "They must have wanted us to waste our energy this way."

 •  •  •  •  •  •  •

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