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Baili Yuyan was silent for a moment before nodding her head, "Okay."

When the two walked up to the shelves, the crowd burst into sighs, many raising their brows.

Since the drafting banquet, Baili Hongzhuang and Baili Yuyan's animosity towards each other became very well known and talked about.

For Baili Yuyan who had poisoned Baili Hongzhuang blind, many people thought she was too vicious and slowly grew estranged from her.

Now that the siblings came to Godly Doctor Square, they were naturally happy to watch!

"Two cultivation pills!" Baili Yuyan directly told Dong Sirou.

A cultivation pill was 50,000 gold coins. Although it was 10,000 more gold coins than Heavenly Jewel Pavilion, two pills were still cheaper than flattering and asking Du Hanyue.

It just so happened that Baili Hongzhuang wasn't here right now, so she could buy a cultivation pill and tilt the scales!

Baili Haoxuan's face was full of joy. Before the royal hunting feast, he could finally get his hands on a cultivation pill.

Dong Sirou looked at the two Baili siblings and couldn't help but snicker in her heart.

Lady Baili's prediction really came true, Baili Yuyan and Baili Haoxuan actually came!

Noticing Dong Sirou didn't move for a long time, Baili Yuyan couldn't help but frown, "Give it to me!"

"Our boss said, the pills can be sold to anyone but those of the General's Household." Dong Sirou's voice was apathetic.

This stupid woman was too vicious. She bullied their boss for so many years, and still wants to buy an immortality pill from here. Dream on!

Hearing her words, Baili Yuyan and Baili Haoxuan's faces both became black. It was Baili Hongzhuang!

The crowd couldn’t help but laugh. Baili Yuyan was always so evil, it was only right for Baili Hongzhuang to not sell her anything.

"Baili Hongzhuang isn't here right now. How about I give you 1000 extra gold coins as a gift and you can give me 2 cultivation pills?"

Baili Yuyan asked, her voice hushed. She can't ignore her image in front of so many people, this was the only way.

"You want to bribe me?" A trace of disdain appeared in Dong Sirou's eyes, "No way!"

When they were down and broke, Baili Hongzhuang was the one who gave them a job.

Now, not only did she treat them very well, and even freely taught them her medicinal skills.

She always felt that she was most fortunate to have the honor to follow by Baili Honghzhang's side. Let alone 1000 gold coins, even if it was 10 million gold coins, she wouldn't hesitate to refuse.

"The two of you go. Godly Doctor Square doesn’t welcome you."

The words Du Tianshuo was even more impolite. He could feel nothing but disgust for the two, they were an eyesore just standing there.

Watching Du Tianshuo and Dong Sirou's attitude, Baili Yuyan was furious.

"What are you? Daring to speak to me like that, you must be impatient to die!"

She was the eldest miss of the General Household. Her identity couldn't be compared to a commoner, so how could she let the guys look down on her so much?

Baili Haoxuan's face was cold, "If you don't want to die, obediently hand over the immortality pills. Losing your life for Baili Hongzhuang isn't worth it."

"I never thought that a Baili born son would actually threaten to take a human life just for some cultivation pills."

The light, sweet voice held traces of disdain and contempt. Everybody saw a white figure slowly walking out from inside Godly Doctor Square.

Who could this person be, but Baili Hongzhuang?

Baili Yuyan and Baili Haoxuan's faces changed. With the current situation, they fear that they'd be ridiculed in every way possible!

"Only 1000 gold coins, isn't Lady Baili just too stingy?"

Her exquisite, jade-like face revealed a small smile, but the depths of her black eyes were cold.

"Bai. Li. Hong. Zhuang."

Baili Yuyan spat between clenched teeth. She didn't know when Baili Hongzhuang started acting this way after forgetting to teach her a lesson.

"These immortality pills were brought by somebody else to sell to everybody, so why are you not letting us buy them?" Baili Haoxuan's voice was chilly.

Baili Hongzhuang chuckled, "Who told you these immorality pills were brought here to be sold by someone else?"

"If it wasn't, is it possible you refined them yourself?" Baili Yuyan asked mockingly.

"Yes, it's what I've refined."

"Baili Hongzhuang, I never knew that you were actually so shameless, able to talk nonsense without the least bit of embarrassment."

Baili Yuyan's words were merciless, oozing with ridicule. She wanted to show everybody Baili Hongzhuang's true colors!

Baili Hongzhuang still smiled coldly, her voice menacing.

"Your eyes can't see what I've refined?"

"Besides, even if I didn't refine the immortality pills, so what? If I say don't sell, it’s not for sale."

With that, Baili Hongzhuang raised her voice, "Godly Doctor Square doesn't welcome anyone of the General's Household. If someone buys a pill and gives it to the General's Household, once discovered, shall never enter Godly Doctor Square again!"

The indifferent, cold voice was overbearing and decisive, clearly resounding in everybody's ears.

Whoever was weighing the scales in their hearts immediately perished the thoughts once they heard her words. Whether it was Baili Hongzhuang's medicinal skills or a large number of cultivation pills in Godly Doctor Square, it all reflected just how powerful Godly Doctor Square was.

Going against Godly Doctor Square for the General's Household, it simply wasn't worth it.

Baili Yuyan was livid, "Baili Hongzhuang, you're bullying us!"

Baili Hongzhuang's smile widened, becoming all the more enchanting, "I'm bullying you, what can you do about it?"

"You're courting death!"

With a loud roar, Baili Haoxuan's inner qi suddenly erupted around his body as his right hand formed a fist, forming winds as he mercilessly punched towards Baili Hongzhuang's face!

Does this woman really think that they wouldn't dare to raise their hands against her under the glare of the public eye?

He needed to teach Baili Hongzhuang a lesson, letting her fully understand just who it is that's superior!

The light in Baili Hongzhaung's eyes sharpened, astonishing bursts of murderous intent as her eyes opened. She held out her hands in front of Baili Haoxuan, welcoming his punch!


Inner qi collided, sparks flying in the air!

When Baili Haoxuan saw Baili Hongzhuang stretch out her hands, his heart suddenly got a bad feeling.

It was well-known that Baili Hongzhuang was unable to cultivate and that Baili Haoxuan was a practitioner in the intermediate stage of Mysterious Earth Realm.

If the fist flies down, Baili Hongzhuang might get seriously injured!

But, under everybody's astonished eyes, Baili Hongzhuang actually held Baili Haoxuan's fist in her hands!

Baili Hongzhaung was completely unharmed!

Baili Haoxuan looked at her, horrified. Although he had already known she could cultivate the night she left the General's Household, he still believed that no matter what, Baili Hongzhuang couldn't be his opponent!

But in that tight grip, he could clearly feel that Baili Hongzhuang was actually even stronger than he was!

"This…… this is impossible!"

Baili Haoxuan was stunned as he looked at Baili Hongzhuang. Just when did she start cultivating?

Baili Yuyan was also shocked. She knew that Baili Haoxuan didn't hold back just now.

But even so, Baili Hongzhaung was still alive. What could that mean?

"You quickly let go of me!"

Baili Haoxuan roared. Subdued by Baili Hongzhuang in front of so many people, it was just too shameful!

"What if I don't let go?"

The light in Baili Hongzhuang's eyes was cold. It was always Baili Haoxuan's arrogant manners that had disgusted her the most.

"If you don't let go, I'll kill you!"

Baili Haoxuan's voice hardened, growing even colder. Baili Hongzhuang dared to make him lose so much face. He needs to kill her!

"It looks like you still don't know the current situation."

An enchanting laugh spilled out from her cherry-red lips, but her ink black eyes were covered in ice.

The next moment, under everybody's stunned gaze, the palm of her hand ruthlessly struck Baili Haoxuan's wrist!


The crisp sound of broken bone rang in everybody’s ears, followed by Baili Haoxuan's piercing screams!


Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop.

Blood dripped onto the ground, its deep red color provoking everyone's eyes.

Baili Haoxuan's hand was crippled by Baili Hongzhuang!

Baili Yuyan was still standing in the same place as before. Everything had happened too fast, and she never thought Baili Hongzhuang would even dare to fight back against Baili Haoxuan.

When she finally reacted, it was too late!

"Baili Hongzhuang, you dared to hurt Haoxuan, could it be that you really don't want to live?" Baili Yuyan's voice was angry.

Baili Haoxuan was Baili Zhentao's only son and was always deeply loved.

Now Baili Hongzhuang dared to break his hands, isn't she afraid of earning Baili Zhentao's wrath?

"I never did anything to you in the past, but didn't you just try to kill me? Now saying such words to me, isn't it laughable?"

Since the start, she was always in the worst position, so what else does she need to worry about?

Baili Yuyan was startled. She couldn't refute Baili Hongzhuang's words!

"Baili Hongzhuang, I will not let you off!" Baili Haoxuan clenched his teeth.

His eyes had gone completely red with blood, since birth, he had never been so seriously injured!

Looking into his eyes full of hatred, Baili Hongzhaung slowly walked to him, her right hand patting Baili Haoxuan's face.

"Tsk tsk, that look is really fierce."

Suddenly, Baili Hongzhuang's voice changed, "Did you know, for the past 14 years, I've been using that expression to stare at you?"

The words Baili Hongzhaung asked were in a whisper. Baili Haoxuan couldn't help but tremble, he suddenly felt that Baili Hongzhaung was truly frightening!

"If you're smart, then the next time you see me, it's best to make a detour. Otherwise, it wouldn't be as simple as a single hand that's broken!"

Baili Hongzhuang stood up and looked at Baili Yuyan and Baili Haoxuan indifferently, "Now, scram!"

Her charming face livid with anger, Baili Yuyan really wanted to just rush up to Baili Hongzhuang and hit her.

But right now, Baili Haoxuan's situation couldn't be delayed. They needed to find a good doctor as soon as possible to treat his hand, otherwise, Baili Haoxuan's life would be ruined!

After the two siblings left, the crowd felt endless emotion. This Baili Hongzhaung was truly different!

Handling her matters ruthlessly without dragging her feet, everyone shivered. But when they thought of what the Baili siblings had done, they could only feel that Baili Hongzhuang's actions were right.

If you were lenient with them, they'd only come back more ruthless!

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