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It really wouldn't be good if the Emperor formed a bad opinion of him because of this.

Although Baili Zhentao quickly clarified himself, the Emperor's face was still stiff as he turned and waved his hand, "Continue the wedding!"

Everybody looked at each other in dismay. It looks like a rift had been created between the Emperor and General Baili.

The ritual finished, and Baili Hongzhuang arrived at the wedding room with the help of a nanny.

The nanny left after saying some things, leaving Baili Hongzhuang in the room alone.

Baili Hongzhuang relaxed. Getting married was truly too exhausting.

In comparison, Dibei Chen had to entertain the guests outside and must be even more tired.

"Master, that Baili Zhentao is definitely out of luck this time!" Little Black said with a laugh.

Just a look at that old codger made his mood turn bad. Now watching Baili Zhentao dumbfounded, speechless, he was very happy!

"At the very least, because of this, the Emperor is very dissatisfied with Baili Zhentao. Probably now, Baili Zhentao will have to behave with his tail tucked under his legs."

Little White's eyes curved into crescents. She was always worried whenever she watched Baili Zhentao rage at Baili Hongzhuang. Now, it was time for revenge!

"Haha, from now on, we won't have to see that old codger's disgusting face."

Little Black and Little White's tiny faces were full of glee. Although the marriage was no more than a farce, now Baili Zhentao doesn't have any qualifications to speak to Baili Hongzhunag. Now, their ears can finally be clean.

BailI Hongzhuang revealed a faint smile. BailI Zhentao and the rest of the General's Household must be on tenterhooks right now.

Even though she knew that she wasn't Baili Zhentao's daugher, she still wanted justice for the previous dead Baili Hongzhuang!

"Master, so much yummy food on the table."

Little Black's eyes stared at the food and wine. Since he came in, he was always attracted by the fragnance.

Baili Hongzhuang raised her eyebrows. Today, her mood was quite good as she waved her hands, "Eat!"

Taking care of the guests won't take a short time, so she might as well fill her stomach.

The moon rose on the tip of a willow branch, the night like water.

When Dibei Chen opened the door and saw the mess on the table, a smile appeared on his face. He didn't feel anything strange about the scene.

After all, the woman he married was in whichever way, completely different from an oridinary woman. This was Baili Hongzhuang's charm.

"Wifey, I'm here."

Dibei Chen slowly went in front of Baili Hongzhuang, a smile on his face.

Dibei Chen seemed to have drank a large amount of liquor, his bewitchingly handsome face flushed like he was drunk. It was very different from the day.

Seeing how Dibei Chen could still remember to act crippled even when drunk, Baili Hongzhuang's eyes flashed with admiration. This man really wasn't simple.

"It was hard on you!" Baili Hongzhuang raised an eyebrow, speaking casually.

Dibei Chen frowned, "Is this the only thing wifey wants to say to me?"

"What else?"

Dibei Chen smiled ambiguously, turning to pour 2 cups of wine in front of Baili Hongzhaung. He handed her one of the two cups, "May we live happily together until our hair grows white from old age."

Baili Hongzhuang was startled. Looking at the faint smile on Dibei Chen's face, she had no clue if he actually serious or just joking.

"This marriage is nothing but a mutual cooperation with each other, you can't be too serious about it." Baili Hongzhuang slowly said.

"Wifey's spoiling the fun." Dibei Chen pretended to be unhappy, "On the wedding night, you should still say something."

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