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Dibei Chen stared deeply at Baili Hongzhuang and spoke, "That jade pendant is a family token. Before, I had just so happened to have accidentally seen a similar pendant in Feng Bo country."

"A family token?" Baili Hongzhuang was a little surprised, "From which family?"

"The Lan Family." Dibei Chen's words were blunt.

As long as somebody was on at least his level, they would all know that this jade pendant belonged to the Lan Family. But the strange thing was, why is this jade pendant with Baili Hongzhuang?

Since it was a family token, it was very precious.

Furthermore, the jade pendant was something only directly-related descendants of the Lan Family could have. It'd be extremely strange for it to have fallen into the hands of an outsider.

"The Lan Family?" Baili Hongzhuang raised her eyebrow, "Feng Bo country doesn't have a Lan Family."

"I never said that the Lan Family was in Feng Bo country. Rather, it’s an aristocratic family famous for being on the apex of cultivation- the Lan Family!"

Baili Hongzhuang's heart couldn't help but be shocked. As the family head in her past life, she knew very clearly just how powerful of a background it was to be most prestigious aristocratic cultivation family on the continent.

According to reason, a direct descendant of such a family usually wouldn't go to such a small, unknown country like Feng Bo. Moreover, her parents were being chased, making the possibility of them coming willingly, almost zero.

Watching Baili Hongzhuang lower her head and think deeply, Dibei Chen's deep, ocean-like eyes flashed with intelligence.

The fact that Baili Hongzhuang possessed the jade pendant alone was enough to prove her connection with the Lan Family. Otherwise, how could she even have the chance to hang it around her neck?

"Wife, do you have a relationship with the Lan Family?" Dibei Chen slowly asked, his handsome face unusually serious.

Baili Hongzhuang lifted her head. The moonlight was dim, specks of light falling on Dibei Chen's elegant and perfect face, letting her clearly see his appearance.

After a long while, Baili Hongzhuang spoke aloud. "Can I trust you?"

Dibei Chen's eyes changed as his lips formed a quiet smile. "You and I are husband and wife now. Of course you can trust me."

Seeing how Dibei Chen was still speaking so flippantly, Baili Hongzhuang didn't bother to talk to him again, turning around to leave.

Dibei Chen caught her hand and suddenly pulled, reversing their positions so she was under him. It was just like before, but this time, he was even closer to her.

"I was saying the truth." Dibei Chen stared at Baili Hongzhuang, his eyes gentle, "You have to believe, no matter what, I won't ever do anything to hurt you."

The words were spoken by Dibei Chen like an oath, firm and devoted.

Baili Hongzhuang's eyes slowly changed. In that moment, she saw Dibei Chen's true dedication.

The reason she asked this question was because although she and Dibei Chen's relationship was a bit messy, she still believed that he wouldn't harm her.

Sometimes, there doesn’t need to be any reason to have a heart-to-heart. If two people believe each other to be able to get along, then it counts as having gotten along.

"Whatever you want to say or ask, you can just talk frankly." Dibei Chen smiled, "I won't tell anyone."

A gentle smile blossomed on Baili Hongzhuang's face, "Actually, I'm not a daughter of the Baili Family."

Hearing her words, Dibei Chen's eyes that were usually still and tranquil like a lake suddenly became turbulent, the waves similar to a stormy sea. This was a possibility he hadn't ever thought of before.

Earlier, he had already sent some people to search Baili Hongzhuang's background, but still hadn't ever heard anything about this. He was very clear of his own abilities. If he still couldn't find out, then that's just how deeply guarded of a secret that was.

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