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"Princess Chen is truly worthy of being the no.1 beauty of the Imperial City, each and every move is just simply beautiful to the extreme.."

Dibei Chen smiled as he listened to everyone talk, a long, slanted eyebrow raising: "No.1 beauty of the Imperial City?"

"Prince probably doesn't know but right now, everyone calls Princess Chen the no.1 beauty of the Imperial City."

Hei Mu's face revealed pride as he reported, "Before, the title as the no.1 beauty of the Imperial City used to linger between Baili Yuyan and Li Yuyue, but since Princess showed her face, this title fell on her head undisputed."

Baili Hongzhuang had also heard about this when she was chatting with Dong Sirou but hadn't actually thought it was a real title that actually fell on her body.Those people were just too bored.

Dibei Chen looked at the calm Baili Hongzhuang standing at his side. Broken fragments of gold-like sunlight were sprinkled on her body, covering her in a golden luster. Even without the use of makeup, her face was just as clear and attractive. Each and every move contained a certain elegance, a unique grace to it.

"The no.1 beauty of the Imperial City. Not just in name only, but also in reality."

Baili Hongzhuang was slightly startled, gazing at Dibei Chen to see the warm smile on his face. His praise was completely sincere.

"Will being the no.1 beauty of the Imperial City give you food to eat? It's only good to listen to." Baili Hongzhuang spoke indifferently.

She didn't care one bit for such a title with only false reputation.

Nichang Market was a top notch clothing store in the Imperial City. Whether it was a merchant's miss or official's miss, they all loved to come here and buy clothing. Even though the prices were far from ordinary clothing stores, it's business was still exceptionally rich.

When Baili Hongzhuang and DIbei Chen arrived at Nichang Market, the whole store seemed to turn quiet for an instant. They didn't expect for the winds to blow straight, letting Prince and Princess Chen visit their shop today.

This time, the Emperor went in person to the Prince's palace, signifying that Prince Chen's position rose somewhat. At the very least, it meant that Prince Chen still held a certain place in the Emperor's heart, or he never even would've bothered to attend the wedding.

Even though usually Dibei Chen was often bullied, that was only by the Crown Prince. Only Princes in this generation dared to do so, other people wouldn't even dare.

Nichang Market's lady proprietress, Wei Nichang immediately came over and welcomed them, "Prince Chen, Princess Chen, it’s an honor to be in your presence. It seems like Prince Chen must've come to buy Princess Chen some garments?"

This was Wei Nichang's first time meeting Prince and Princess Chen. Although Prince Chen was sitting in a wheelchair, his back was perfectly straight, and you couldn't see the slightest bit of depression. His handsome appearance naturally needed no words, his character exuding a certain grace that would make one gasp in admiration.

She felt that the way this Prince Chen was completely different from Prince Chen that was always getting bullied in the rumors. The aura he emitted and the mannerisms he displayed could be in no way compared to regular people. Only, it was truly a shame that he was crippled.

Dibei Chen smiled faintly, "Right."

"Wifey, do you see any clothes you like?" Dibei Chen's voice was gentle, gazing at Baili Hongzhuang's face like his beloved treasure. "Lady proprietress must be very busy with her own things, we can just look around on our own."

Hearing his words, Wei Nichang bowed: "Well if Prince or Princess requires my aid, feel free to give me a shout anytime."

The peace in Nichang Market was restored. Baili Hongzhuang looked at the store filled with clothes. Whether it was material or workmanship, they were all first class. With such quality, it was no surprise that Nichang Market was so popular.

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