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Princess is changed to Wangfei

Chapter 105

Taking this opportunity, no matter which method she uses to beat Baili Hongzhuang, she'll definitely teach her just who is the phoenix and who is the pheasant!

"Miss Li, you said it yourself, you're only the future Crown Princess. When you get married, come back and say those words to me again."

Baili Hongzhuang's pace was steady as walked over to the front side, still holding on to the dress. She still wanted to look at the other clothes in Jichang Market.

"Baili Hongzhunag, you're going overboard!" Li Yuyue shouted, stomping her foot.

She really couldn't understand. Baili Hongzhuang clearly only married a crippled prince, how could she be so arrogant!

Everybody thought that Baili Hongzhuang would be unhappy and depressed, but Baili Hongzhuang was still as proud and arrogant as ever, completely defying everybody's expectations.

"Miss Li, even if you're happy shouting abuse in the streets like a shrew, I am not the same."

Li Yuyue's face turned ugly when she heard her remark. Baili Hongzhuang actually called her a shrew? The future Crown Princess, a shrew?

Li Yuyue and Baili Hongzhuang's arguement attracted many people's attention. Usually, for people who come to Jichang Market, they all held a certain level of status.

When everybody saw Li Yuyue and Baili Hongzhuang confronting each other, they knew it was going to get interesting. Many of them knew that Li Yuyue had been sulking in Prime Minister's mansion for the past few days when her title of no.1 beauty in the Imperial City was taken by Baili Hongzhuang.

Now watching Baili Hongzhuang and Li Yuyue cross swords, their hearts secretly praised Baili Hongzhuang. Chen Wangfei's mouth was truly sharp, Li Yuyue couldn't even fight back!

Especially the tone of her voice and stance. She and Li Yuyue simply couldn't even be compared on the same level!

Li Yuyue was clearly the one who took the initiative to look for trouble with Baili Hongzhuang, but it was Baili Hongzhuang who was teaching her a lesson.

"Look, Li Yuyue's face is green."

"Because when she became the future Crown Princess, she turned as proud as a peacock. She was just itching to flaunt her marriage with the Crown Prince, I think it's disgusting!"成
"Chen Wangfei is truly unusual. This time, Li Yuyue could be said to have met a brick wall!"

Everyone in the crowd held the same feeling of watching a play. Normally it was rare to see such amazing drama, and they all were looking forward to seeing how it would play out.

Li Yuyue walked up to Baili Hongzhuang in large strides, her beautiful face cold. Her arrogant air couldn't be hidden.

"Baili Hongzhuang, if you won't leave this dress behind today, you'll never leave Jichang Market's doors!"

So many people were watching in Jichang Market, if today she lost face, how could she show her face to anyone again?

"Are you threatening this Prince's wife?"

A magnetic, deep voice suddenly sounded, but the tone was cold and gloomy.

Li Yuyue couldn't help but be startled, discovering Dibei Chen's gaze landing on her body.

She didn't expect for Dibei Chen to suddenly speak now, and couldn't help but feel somewhat embarrassed.

But Li Yuyue quickly recovered her haughty appearance, "Right, and if she doesn't apologize to me right here and now, I absolutely will not allow her to leave here tonight!"

Opening her mouth, Li Yuyue actually dragged Dibei Chen in.

She was very clear on Dibei Chen's status and knew that he only a Prince in name. Before, His Highness, the Crown Prince could bully this guy happily, so how could she be afraid of such a fellow?

"Just a Prime Minister's daughter is actually so arrogant, I never saw someone so lacking in manners. Today, this Prince has opened his eyes.

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