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Baili Hongzhuang was slightly startled, “I’m going there to cultivate. If you come with me, how will I ever feel a sense of danger?”

“You can rest assured. Unless its life threatening and you’re about to die, I won’t act.”

Dibei Chen smiled, “You’re my beloved wifey, if you run into danger, what will I do?”

Baili Hongzhuang rolled her eyes, “How will you come with me then.”

“Where the wife is, the husband is there.”

Not waiting for Baili Hongzhuang to reply, Dibei Chen immedietly coninued, “I already sent some people to prepare, to take you and me, us two people together to go out on an outing. This also shows our sincere feelings between the two of us as husband and wife.”

“Dibei Chen!“

Baili Hongzhuang’s mouth twitched. Dibei Chen didn’t seem to hear her shout, leaving without another word.

“Master, I think Dibei Chen is just worried for you. Its better to just let him come!” Little White said slowly. “

Right now, Baili Hongzhuang was only on the border of late stage. She could be considered pretty good in the younger generation.

Only in Shengxuan Continent, demonic beasts could move unhindered. If she by some chance enocuntered a demonic beast stronger than her, Baili Hongzhuang would be in a lot of danger.

Little Black followed, nodding his head: “Dibei Chen just hates to part with Master. There’s no harm if he comes as well.”

Baili Hongzhuang’s face revealed helplessness. Just as Little Black and Little White said, there’s nothing wrong with bringing Dibei Chen along too.

In the Shengxuan Continent, aside from humans, there were also species of demonic beasts who could cultivate.

A high-level demonic beast was very powerful. Compared the weak body of a human’s, a demonic beast’s were very strong.

As a result, humans were often the ones at a disadvantage when fighting the demonic beasts.

Furthermore, a demonic beast’s reproduction speed was far faster than a human’s. However, a demonic beast generally wasn’t smart.

Humans could create all kinds of cultivation manuals and merit laws, or martial skills to increase their fighting strength. The demonic beasts could only rely on their own strength, which was why the scales between the humans and beasts were always kept in check.

A demonic beast’s pelt could be used as leather. Blood, eyes, and so on could all be used as pill ingredients.

To mankind, it could even be said that demonic beasts from head to toe were living creatues.

Therefore, there were many cultivators who relied on hunting demonic beasts for a livelihood. So long as they killed a demonic beast, they would be able to sell it’s body for massive amounts of money.

Dibei Chen moved quickly. He was very clear that with Baili Hongzhuang’s current situation, the earlier she can cultivate, the better. Ordering a few men, he and Baili Hongzhuang got on the carriage to leave the Imperial City.

News of Prince Chen and Chen Wangfei going out on an outing together was leaked from Prince Chen’s palace.

Everyone admired the deep affection between Prince Chen and Chen Wangfei very much. Together with how he protected his wife, Baili Hongzhuang had become the target of envy for many.

Even if both of Prince Chen’s legs were crippled, he was still very favored. Together with his handsomeness, all questions could be ignored.

Hearing the news, Baili Yuyan ground her teeth.

Really as she guessed, Dibei Chen pampered Baili Hongzhuang very much,

She just couldn’t understand, why would Dibei Chen treasure Baili Hongzhuang, such trash, a woman who’d already been married and divorced, so much?

But just as Dibei Chen and Baili Hongzhuang left the Imperial City, an earth shaking scream sounded from the Prime Minister’s house.

The people in the Prime Minster’s mansion were all attracted by the scream. It was the first time Prime Minister Li Chengqian and his wife Zhao Wenqiang heard Li Yuyue cry out like that. They both hastily ran to Li Yuyue’s room.

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