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He had endured so much just to finally get a lead on the information.

Since he could stand up again, why should he continue to hide!

Now, it wouldn't be long before he could stand proudly in front of everybody again!

Suddenly, a sly smile appeared in the corner of Baili Hogzhuang's eyes, "Would't it be better for me to help you chage your appearence?"

Dibei Chen raised an eyebrow, "You can even change faces?"

Travalling in Jianghu, the technique of changing faces were essential tricks to learn. But although most ordinary face changing techniques were very easy to see through, it was still better than nothing.

As for true face changing techniques, it could even be said that they've long died out. It was said that a thousand years ago, face changing techniques were capable of creating a fake face that could be easily passed of as real. Only, it's a pity that there were none left.

Baili Hongzhunag nodded her head slightly, "I have a face changing technique that's incomparable to other ordinary ones. I guarentee you'll be suprised."

"Since you said it's so amazing, you can test it on me."

Dibei Chen's eyes had a spoiling light to it. He had clearly seen the crafty look in Baili Hongzhuang's eyes. Its very likely that this girl had a bad idea in store for him.

After telling Dibei Chen to close his eyes, Baili Hongzhuang began to change Dibei Chen's face.

Such a handsome face, she might as well disguise it nicely.

"Master, Dibei Chen's beautiful face was completely destroyed by you."

Looking at the new face Baili Hongzhuang made, Little Black couldn't bear it and covered his eyes. This was simply something you couldn't look at.

Little White's mouth twitched, and secretly decided in his heart; He could offend anyone else, but he mustn’t offend the Master. Master still hasn't forgotten how Dibei Chen had bullied her on the wedding night.

Just a look at Dibei Chen's destroyed face, and you would know just how much anger Baili Hongzhuang truly harboured in her heart.

After a long time, Baili Hongzhuang finally clapped her hands and smiled: "All done. Perfect!"

Dibei Chen opened his eyes. Seeing the bright grin on Baili Hongzhuang's face, a smile bloomed on his lips.

"Take a look, is my drawing skills good?"

A wide grin split Baili Hongzhaung's face as she handed Dibei Chen the mirror.

Taking the mirror, Dibei Chen stared at the completely different man in the mirror. His smile froze.

He could only see an astonished man with a big, boorish face. A big beard ran across his face and a huge mole sat right by his lip.

"The face I made for you isn't bad! With this, I guarantee even if we meet somebody, it'd impossible for them to recognize you!"

Although Dibei Chen's changed face showed helplessness, looking at the completely different man in the mirror, stormy waves appeared inside his black pupils.

This face changing technique was absolutely the best he had ever seen!

If his mind wasn't clear, he wouldn't even be able to believe that this was actually his face.

"Wife's face changing technique is naturally excellent, but I don't know what other people will think when they see such a large, rough man marrying such a beauty like you. Their faces would probably turn green with envy.

Dibei Chen's uncouth face laughed, one hand resting on Baili Hongzhuang's shoulder. His boorish appearance released a bold and unconstrained air around him.

For some inexplicable reason, when she looked at Dibei Chen looking like that, a bad premonition rose in her mind.

After some time, Baili Hongzhuang and company(probably needs to be changed) arrived at their destination.

"Wang, Wangfei, we're finally at the waterfall." Hei Mu called from outside the carriage."

Baili Hongzhuang and Dibei Chen slowly walked out of the carriage together. Hei Mu eyes widened as he stared at the rough, unfamiliar face and couldn't help but ask, stunned: "Who is he?"

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