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Chapter 115

Dibei Chen waved his hand, "Even if you go, what can you do?"

Hei Mu was slightly startled, but after thinking a little, he couldn’t help but admit: there was simply nothing he could do to help.

"Cultivation is something you must persevere in alone. Even if other people can help, in the end, you must rely on yourself."

Dibei Chen's lips curved, "Let alone Baili Hongzhuang who has been cultivating alone for so long."

Baili Hongzhuang didn't leave until nightfall.

Her body was already frozen stiff, scorching pain continuously coursing through her body making her eyebrows pucker.

Not far from the waterfall, was a small cave. It should've formerly been a demonic beast's den, but since it was abandoned, it’s now actually a very suitable place for Baili Hongzhuang to rest.

Entering the den, Baili Hongzhuang cautiously examined her injuries.

Her two shoulders were already pounded gray by the waterfall, hands, and feet purple from crashing against the rocks as blood bled from a few parts of her body.

After one short day, she was already completely covered with cuts and bruises.

"This body's innate quality is really lacking." Baili Hongzhuang sighed. It would take a very long time if she wanted to speed up this body's cultivation.


At this moment, Dibei Chen's voice suddenly sounded outside the cave.

Baili Hongzhuang slowly left the cave, only to see Dibei Chen standing, looking at her with a smile. Hei Mu wasn't by his side.

"Why did you come?"

She had noticed Dibei Chen later left to cultivate on his own, but they had previously agreed not to interfere with each other's cultivation.

"This is for you." Dibei Chen handed Baili Hongzhuang an exquisite porcelain bottle, "Your body will be many times stronger after eating a pill. It can improve your body's inner quality and bolster your recovery speed. Having it would be very beneficial to you."

Hearing his words, Baili Hongzhuang hands swayed a little as she accepted the porcelain bottle from Dibei Chen's hands, "Many thanks!"

"Then you rest properly, don't push yourself."

Dibei Chen urged, leaving behind a sentence as he left. Not far away, he and Hei Mu also found a similar cave.

If something happened with Baili Hongzhuang, they'd be able to find out immediately.

Watching Dibei Chen's back disappear into the darkness, a touch of warmth appeared in Baili Hongzhuang's heart.

In his current state, Dibei Chen had no reason to come here, and it would've been far more comfortable to cultivate in his palace. He only came to the forest for her safety.

Up to now, Dibei Chen was the only person who cared about her safety.

Returning to the cavern, Baili Hongzhuang took out the immortality pills Dibei Chen had gifted her.

Baili Hongzhuang instantly recognized the name of the pills with a single glance: "These are Seven Treasure Pills."

Seven Treasure Pills was extremely useful to low leveled cultivators. Compared with cultivation pills, the quality was far better.

Seven Treasure Pills's ingredients were very precious. Before, Baili Hongzhuang had also wanted to refine herself some as well.

But when she asked around the Imperial City's herb shops, she just couldn't get enough to refine the Seven Treasure Pill and could only refine the slightly inferior cultivation pill.

But she never expected for Dibei Chen to actually have Seven Treasure Pills, and so much too!

With the Seven Treasure Pills, her cultivation would be two-three times faster!

Without the slightest hesitation, Baili Hongzhuang took out a Seven Treasure Pill and swallowed it before closing her eyes, entering a state of cultivation

When the power stored inside a pill is consumed, one would usually enter a state of cultivation to fully maximise the pill's benefits. Very few cultivators could completely absorb all of the pill's power almost instantaneously.

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