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Chapter 129

Not many could match Baili Yuyan's strength in the younger generation. Taking the top three wasn't hard at all.

Saying this, Baili Zhentao couldn't help but look at Baili Hongzhuang.

Since the day Baili Hongzhuang blocked his fist, he already knew Baili Hongzhuang was able to cultivate and was actually not at all weak.

But it was only the touch of a fist. He had no idea how strong Baili Hongzhuang truly was.

Baili Hongzhuang picked out a fine, black horse. She stood up and saddled the horse before raising a whip, urging it to the hunting field.

Everybody watched Baili Hongzhuang go inside the hunting field, their eyes all reflecting shock.

"Wasn't Chen Wangfei incapable of cultivating? She actually dared to enter the hunting field alone, if she came across a demonic beast, wouldn't she die?"

Demonic beasts were ruthless. Every time a royal hunting competition was hosted, there would always be some deaths. Therefore if one of the younger generation's was too weak, they wouldn't dare to join.

But Baili Hongzhuang was known in the Imperial City as trash!

Now entering the hunting field alone, wasn't she simply courting death?

"Your information must be too old. Before at Godly Doctor Square, Chen Wangfei defeated Baili Haoxuan ah! Baili Haoxuan was truly strong at Mysterious Earth middle staged cultivation!"

"Is that true? But I heard the General's household say Chen Wangfei used some kind of trick to overpower Baili Haoxuan. If she was truly able to cultivate, why would she have always held the title of trash in cultivation?"

Listening, everybody was uncertain.

In fact, everything they knew was only hearsay. Nobody knew what was true and what was false about Baili Hongzhuang.

"In my opinion, I think Chen Wangfei used many tricks to win at that time. Otherwise, why would the General's Household always treat her as a disgrace?"

Everybody nodded. A few couldn't help but sympathize with Baili Hongzhuang.

Dibei Chen wasn't participating in the hunting competition. Baili Hongzhuang was unable to cultivate. If she meets Baili Yuyan, what good result could she have?

In the hunting field, life and death were only natural. Anything could happen.

Based on how much Baili Yuyan despised Baili Hongzhuang, she would definitely find a secluded place to quietly kill Baili Hongzhuang. Then, Dibei Chen would have no way of helping.

"Sister, you must succeed!" Baili Haoxuan shouted.

Baili Yuyan looked at Baili Haoxuan, and then saw Su Wanjing glance at her. Baili Yuyan shouted back, "Rest assured. I will definitely settle this perfectly!"

Having said that, Baili Yuyan urged her horse into the forest with a whip. She had to find Baili Hongzhuang and finish her!

The hunting competition lasts for 3 days. All the participating cultivators must survive until the last day before coming out.

The royal family's imperial guards also patrolled the hunting field, conveying information into the outside.

Xuanyuan Yutian first sent out people to look for news about Dibei Chen. He needed to know what Dibei Chen was thinking!

In the hunting field.

Everywhere was filled with trees reaching as high as the sky. The morning sun peeked through the trees, revealing sparse rays of light.

Baili Hongzhuang walked into the mountain range. The environment was quiet. The only sound was the horse's trotting footsteps.

Hearing the words, Baili Hongzhuang narrowed her eyes. Her deep, black eyes, deep as a well flashed with alarm and suspicion.

Chapter 130

The two black and white fluff balls always had good talent. After cultivating for so many years in the Primordial Chaos Ring, no matter if it was mind or body, they were very strong.

To say the least, right now she was no match for the two fellows. But since she wanted to increase her strength as fast as possible, she had usually never let the two fluffballs come out.

She firmly believed Little White's judgment.

"The royal hunting competition this year is very different from the previous ones." Baili Hongzhuang's black pupils contained thoughtfullness, "Just that the awards are incomparable to the former years."

Something abnormal must've happened. If there wasn't something wrong, it'd be impossible for the royal family to give such a heavy reward.

"These people must only be observing the situation in the hunting competition, and probably aren't dangerous." Little Black slowly said.

It could sense the meaning behind the searching gazes and knew that they didn't have a target or particular goal. They only wanted to clearly watch Baili Hongzhuang's performance in the hunting competition.

Hearing its words, Baili Hongzhuang slowly nodded her head, "It doesn't matter what their goal is so long as I get what I need."

As for anything else, she just didn't care.

"For the participating cultivators, a storm wolf really isn't an easy test." Little Black smiled.

If a cultivator with insufficient strength were to run into the storm wolf, it was very much possible for them to lose their lives. But with Baili Hongzhuang's strength, it posed no threat at all.

Baili Hongzhuang's lips curled into a faint smile, "The most troublesome thing isn’t necessarily the storm wolf, but the people."

Xuanyuan Yutian said it very clearly. Whoever could return with the storm wolf's crystal, would be the victor.

As for who killed the storm wolf, it didn't matter. Whoever could get the wolf's crystal and successfully appear in front of Xuanyuan Yutian was the most important.

She was almost certain that the overwhelming majority of the cultivators didn't think about how to kill the storm wolf, but how to handle whoever killed the storm wolf.

Little Black and Little White fell silent. This was something they were very clear about.

Usually cultivators had their own group or school they belonged to, so it was very rare for a cultivator to be alone like Baili Hongzhuang.

"Master, what are you planning?" Little Black couldn't help but ask.

Baili Hongzhuang smiled lightly, "Let nature take its course."

The horse ran through the mountains. Baili Hongzhuang's posture was unaffected, her eyes always looking for changes in the enviorment.

She was currently in the outer ranges of Luoxia Mountain, which had the least demonic beasts. The deeper she goes in, the higher and higher the chances are of finding demonic beasts.

Time slowly passed by. Baili Hongzhuang's luck was actually pretty good. Even after walking for so long, she still hadn't encountered even a single demonic beast.

"Master, someone's following us." Little Black said suddenly.

Baili Hongzhuang's face didn't change. Her refined, quiet and exquisite face rippled with a clear smile, "Baili Yuyan is still truly impatient. We'll just let her continue to tail us."
There was nothing great about Baili Yuyan's shadowing technique. She had long discovered her.

This woman must be impatient to find a secluded spot to kill her!

Her red lips raising slightly, the corners of Baili Hongzhuang's mouth curved to form an icy, sly smile.

Since Baili Yuyan was already itching to get on with it, she'll find a good place for her!

Their contradicting views were too strong. One needed to go!

Chapter 130

Baili Yuyan carefully followed behind Baili Hongzhuang's body. Her horse had long been discarded, otherwise its stomping would easily inadvertently alarm Baili Hongzhuang.

She had always been looking for an opportunity to deal with Baili Hongzhuang, but Chen Palace was always heavily guarded. She was always never able to do a thing.

The royal hunting competition was a long awaited for opportunity. In here, even the heavens wouldn't know that she was the one who killed Baili Hongzhuang!.

She had trailed her for the whole journey. Baili Yuyan discovered that Baili Hongzhuang was walking to a more and more remote place. Around them, there were already no cultivators in sight.

A sinsiter smile appeared on her face covered with thick scars. The gods were truly on her side!

As she heard the footsteps behind her grow louder and louder, Baili Hongzhuang smile grew more and more mocking.

Originally she didn't plan on using the royal hunting competition to dispose of Baili Yuyan, doing it now seemed very good.

Little Black and Little White watched Baili Yuyan strut towards them, their eyes full of interest as if they were watching a good play.

"Baili Hongzhuang, in here, I want to see who can save you!"

Baili Yuyan's face was arrogant. At last, she no longer needed to hide!

The thought of Baili Hongzhuang's appearance as she kowtowed to her while begging forgiveness couldn't help but give Baili Yuyan a burst of excitement!

Baili Hongzhuang slowly turned her body. A faint smile hung on her beautiful, delicate face, "I, Baili Hongzhuang, never needed anybody to protect me."

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang's indifferent face, Baili Yuyan froze for a second and couldn't help but turn around. Could there be someone else nearby?

But when she looked, there was nobody near them at all.

"Baili Hongzhuang, daring to boast shamelessly now, you're truly just like a damned duck reluctant to admit its mistakes!"

She was certain that there wasn't anyone else in the clearing. Baili Yuyan completely laid down the worries in hr heart. With her strength, it was just too easy for her to dispose of Baili Hongzhuang.

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