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Chapter 147

Her eyes that were black like ink flickered with coldness. Baili Hongzhuang's voice was icy and calm.

"Somebody was definitely behind this ."

It was nearly impossible that she made a low level mistake like provoking a group of hell wolves, so a third party was the only possible explanation.

Little Black frowned, "But nobody competing in the hunting competition has the ability to do such a thing ah."

The strongest competing cultivators' cultivation was only at mysterious eon intermediate stage. Wanting to use the hell wolves' king for themselves was nearly impossible for them.

Baili Hongzhuang's lips curled into a dark smile, "There's no way a competing cultivator did this. It must be someone else."

"You mean……" Little Black's fluff raised. Its heart also harbored the same suspicions.


One man and two beasts fell into silence, their hearts already certain.

The next day. The sky bright, Baili Hongzhuang opened her eyes. After a night's rest, her condition was restored by more than half.

"Its finally the last day. Today we'll look for the storm wolf!" Baili Hongzhuang narrowed her eyes, speaking slowly.

Little Black and Little White smiled confidently. Now that Master came out, first place would definitely belong to Master!

After searching for two days without even finding a trace of the storm wolf, Baili Hongzhuang had roughly narrowed down its location. Now, she didn't heisitate to set out.

Only a white figure could be seen, flying from tree to tree. She was calm and graceful, as if she was traveling on flat ground. The thistles and thorns didn’t seem to affect her at all.

The hunting field's air became tense. Today was the last day. All of their results will be announced.

In other words, today was everybody’s last chance.

But while the cultivators were desperately searching for the storm wolf in the hunting grounds, the mood outside was filled with shock.

Xuanyuan Yutian and the chancellors listened to the imperial guard reporting the news in the hunting grounds, astonishment on all their faces.

"Last night….. Chen Wangfei was surrounded by a flock of hell wolves?" Xuanyuan Yutian asked.

The imperial guard immediately nodded his head, "Right. Chen Wangfei was encircled within a group of hell wolves alone."

Xuanyuan Yutan's heart dropped. For the past two days, he had been searching for information on Dibei Chen. Although he didn't get an exact answer yet, he was certain Dibei Chen would go back to fight for himself.

For these 3 years, although he didn't treat Dibei Chen badly, he also had been very apprehensive about his so-called talent.

In fact, he actually never thought Dibei Chen would ever return to office after living as a hermit on Mount Dongshan (fig. To make a comeback). But now, what he had thought was impossible had now happened!

He knew about Dibei Chen's former identity. Once Dibei Chen took everything back, his status would undergo an earth-shaking change.

Baili Hongzhuang was Dibei Chen's Chen Wangfei. If she got into an accident, one can easily imagine Dibei Chen's reaction.

When Baili Zhentao, Su Wanjing, and Baili Haoxuan heard the news, their eyes couldn't help but shine with happiness.

Because of Baili Hongzhuang's existance, it could even be said that their general's household had lost the most face it had ever lost before. Now that Baili Hongzhuang was dead, they could only rejoice over her misfortune.

That trash that only brought shame to their family never should've been born in this world!

As the imperial guard looked at everybody's faces change, his own expression also turned a little strange. He still wasn't done speaking, ah……

"Reporting back to the Emperor, my report still hasn't finished."

Xuanyuan Yutian frowned, "What more?"

He didn't care about anything else that happened in the hunting fields, his mind full of ways to tell Dibei Chen about Baili Hongzhuang's death.

"Chen Wangfei killed the hell wolves' king alone by her own power, scaring the rest of the hell wolves away."

Chapter 148

When everybody heard these words, time seemed to almost freeze. Everybody's eyes widened as they stared at the imperial guard, thinking that they must've misheard what he said.

"You…… What did you say?" Su Wanjing couldn't help but ask.

What a joke!

It was a group of hell wolves! How could Baili Hongzhuang even get out alive, nevermind kill the hell wolves' king?

After Su Wanjing asked, everybody's gaze once again landed on the imperial guard's body. This news was even more unbelievable than the sky falling down or the rain turning red.

"Chen Wangfei killed the hell wolves' king alone by her own power, scaring the rest of the hell wolves away."

The imperial bodyguard repeated it again and again until everyone was sure that they didn't hear wrongly. But still, they just couldn't believe it!

"Did you see this with your own eyes?" Li Chengqian questioned. He didn't believe Baili Hongzhaung had that much power.

The guard slowly nodded his head, his face serious as he answered, "Yes."

Everybody looked at each other. Even though the guard confirmed it, they still found it too hard to believe.

A woman known as trash actually killed a hell wolf king?

A hell wolf king's strength was the mysterious eon intermediate stage, ah!

Until the imperial bodyguard left, everyone was silent. If they didn't see it with their own eyes, they wouldn't believe it.

Xuanyuan Yutian and Jiang Jinying glanced at each other. They were just as shocked as everyone else, unable to believe that was the truth.

From Baili Hongzhuang's recent actions, they already knew Baili Hongzhuang wasn't simple.

But now it seems that the general's household who took a heaven gifted genius as trash, truly had no eyes!

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Originally they had thought Baili Hongzhuang was unsuited to be the Crown Princess, no whether in etiquette or in strength. But now, it appeared that they had truly miscalculated.

In the whole country, never before was there such an outstanding woman as Baili Hongzhuang!

Baili Zhentao fell in deep silence. Although other people didn't believe it, he did.

He knew she wasn’t weak since that time she stopped his fist, but he never expected her to be strong enough to slay a hell wolf king.

Now, Baili Yuyan might not even be her match!

A hard to describe irritation and bewilderment enveloped Baili Zhentao’s heart. He couldn’t understand Baili Hongzhuang’s thoughts. Why did she pretend to be trash for all those years?

Suddenly, Baili Zhentao’s gaze fell upon Su Wanjing’s body.

Over these past few years, he had never even so much given a glance at Baili Hongzhuang. Everything he knew about her was from Su Wanjing's mouth.

He knew Su Wanjing definitely wouldn't treat Baili Hongzhuang well. Being bullied every day was unavoidable. Could it be that Baili Hongzhaung only feigned ignorance to survive?

When that thought surfaced in his mind, Baili Zhentao was even more convinced there hadn’t been a flaw in his reasoning.

If it wasn't like that, what gifted genius would like to be ridiculed?

“That stupid woman!”

A burning rage rose up in Baili Zhentao’s mind. If not for her foolishness, how could the current general's household have fallen like this!

Sensing Baili Zhentao’s furious gaze, Su Wanjing couldn’t help it but stare blankly, her mind filled with fear. And because of the current situation, she couldn’t even bring herself to ask.

Baili Haoxuan face had already turned extremely gloomy. How could that trash he always bullied turn out to be an even greater talent than him?

Recalling Baili Hongzhuang's haughty, disdainful face, he wanted to tear her body to shreds!

Chapter 149

After two hours of searching, Baili Hongzhuang finally locked down the storm wolf's location.

According to usual storm wolf behaviors, besides here, there was nowhere else it would live.

But when Baili Hongzhuang neared the den, sounds of a fight suddenly appeared in front of them causing her to frown. It seemed that somebody had found the storm wolf before she did, ah.

Since someone took the initiative to attack, Baili Hongzhuang didn't need to hurry. She slowly walked ahead, happy to watch a good play.

A man and a storm wolf coiled around each other. The man was somebody Baili Hongzhuang was rather familiar with.

Xuanyuan Huan!

Amongst the cultivators competing this year, apart from her only Baili Yuyan and Xuanyuan Huan had reached the initial stage of mysterious eon.

A person courageous enough to challenge the storm wolf could only be one of those two.

A storm wolf's speed was like its name, just like a storm, exceptionally fierce. Even though it was Xuanyuan Huan, as they fought, he slowly began to be suppressed.

Xuanyuan Huan continuously tangled with the wolf, his qi exploding as he brandished his sword. Traces of swords appeared and disappeared, moving with incomparable sharpness.

His handsome face was serious, his eyes deep and earnest as he continuously tried to defeat the storm wolf.

Looking at such a Xuanyuan Huan, Baili Hongzhuang's face couldn't help but change a little. Although nothing good could be said about his behavior, his strength wasn't bad.

Before she had only seen the unscrupulous side of him, and actually never seen him so serious before.

But even so, the disgust in her heart for Xuanyuan Huan couldn't be changed!

"Although Xuanyuan Huan's strength isn't bad, he still isn't the storm wolf's opponent. "

Little White focused on the fight in front of them, quickly determining which side was superior.

Baili Hongzhuang's lips hooked, her beautiful face bewitching and seductive, "From beginning to end, Xuanyuan Huan always lived in lukewarm waters. He can't use all of his strength."

This was actually a deficiency most high-born cultivators faced. They possessed enough cultivation resources and with pretty good talent, they could easily be very strong with some effort.

However, they had never experienced a life and death fight.

Cultivating high was one thing, but actual fighting strength was something else.

Only after having experienced a fight between life and death would all their potential be stimulated. Only after narrowly avoiding a visit to the Yellow Springs would they understand their weak points and learn how to fix them.
Yellow Springs: Chinese underworld in mythology

Although it wouldn’t appear early on in cultivation, as cultivators slowly grow and their insights of the world change, the gap would become very clear.

Although she grew up as the Lin family head, she was never allowed to be the least bit lazy.

The reason why the Lin family had such a high status in the Shengxuan Continent was that their core was strong enough.

All of the Lin family's younger generation were treated equally, leaving them when young in the mountain ranges to learn through experience. Each time there were no small number of casualties, but the cultivators who emerged successfully from the mountains had all undergone earth shattering changes.

And that was just the beginning.

From the day she was born, her life was never destined to be easy. But even so, she never felt that the suffering was too much to bear.

Because along with the suffering, she reaped a far bigger harvest.

Hearing Baili Hongzhuang's words, Little Black and Little White nodded. Baili Hongzhuang's sentence had stated it perfectly.

Xuanyuan Huan slowly lost his strength. Although he could still fight calmly, it was impossible for him to beat it now.

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