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Chapter 376: In What Way am I not Good Enough? (6)

After returning to her room, Qiao Anhao cut the cake and placed a large slice onto a plate. Just when she was about to leave the room, her phone suddenly rang...

It was from the front counter. "Is Miss Qiao Anhao there?" 

She held the cake in one hand and the phone in another. Bending down, she answered, "Yes." 

" Hello Miss Qiao, the front staff has two deliveries for you. Do you need me to send them up now?" 

One was from Qiao Anxia. She had initially wanted to deliver the present personally but was sent overseas on a last minute business trip, hence she could only send it through postage. As for the other gift... Qiao Anhao frowned slightly, curious as to who had sent it, but she was in a rush to go upstairs to find Lu Jinnian, so she didn't think much of it and said in a warm tone, "Yes please, I'm sorry to have to trouble you." 

After she hung up, Qiao Anhao informed Zhao Meng, who was devouring the cake, to collect the delivery for her before rushing out the door. After closing it behind her, she hesitated slightly before returning back to the room. She placed the cake down and tidied her hair. After examining herself for a long while, she reached for her blusher and dabbed a little on her cheeks. Pressing her lips together, she was satisfied with herself. She reached for the cake once more and left her room. 

Qiao Anhao came to the entrance of Lu Jinnian's room on the top floor. At the door, she didn't forget to take out her phone to look at her reflection, making sure that she looked perfect before pressing the doorbell. 

Lu Jinnian's assistant was the one that opened the door. When he saw her, he stood aside immediately. "Miss Qiao, come in." 

Qiao Anhao walked in with the cake in her hands. She scanned the surroundings, and when she didn't see Lu Jinnian in the living room, she asked, "Where's Lu Jinnian?" 

"Mr. Lu is in the bedroom." His assistant pointed to the bedroom before walking to knock on the door. After waiting for a while, Lu Jinnian's faint voice came from inside, "Enter." The assistant pushed the door open. 

Lu Jinnian sat in front of the study table. He continued to stare at the computer screen without bothering to look up, as though he had nothing to do with the person that just entered. 

His assistant was already used to Lu Jinnian's nonchalance, so he added, "Mr. Lu, Miss Qiao is here." 

The moment Lu Jinnian heard that Qiao Anhao was here, he diverted his gaze from the computer screen to look at her, who had just entered the room. 

A wide smile spread across her face instantly. It was sunset, and through the window, warm yellow rays were spilling into the room onto Qiao Anhao's face, making her smile seem almost celestial.

Lu Jinnian stared in a daze for a while before raising from his chair, asking in a gentle voice, "Why are you here?" 

Qiao Anhao smiled at him, lifting the large cake in her hands. "I came to send you a a slice of cake." 

Lu Jinnian pushed the messy documents aside, emptying a space for the plate. 

The assistant had specially ordered Qiao Anhao's birthday cake, so he knew that it was her birthday. He instantly gave her his blessing, "Miss Qiao, Happy Birthday."

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