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Chapter 398: Goodbye My Youth, Goodbye My Love (8)

Lu Jinnian's make-up was simpler than Qiao Anhao's. When he finished, hers was just halfway done. He got up. As the make-up artist was checking on her work, Qiao Anhao's phone rang.

The phone was on the table. When Lu Jinnian heard the ringtone, he instinctively turned his head to see the two words on the screen "Aunt Xu".

Qiao Anhao made an apologetic gesture at the make-up artist, and then picked up the phone from the table. She pressed to take the call. "Aunt Xu?"

There were only a couple people left in the make-up room, so it was really quiet. Lu Jinnian, who stood behind Qiao Anhao, could clearly hear Han Ruchu's voice.

"Qiao Qiao, you're shooting your last scene tonight, right? Tomorrow, you're free, right?"

Qiao Anhao gave a gentle "mm", and Han Ruchu's voice continued, "Qiao Qiao, tomorrow Jiamu will be discharged. Remember, to go pick him up."

Lu Jinnian's hand gently curved into a fist, his lips tightly pursed without making a sound, and he stood on the spot with a calm expression until the make-up artist said "You're good".

He then turned around and walked out of the make-up room door. The moment he was going to push the door, he heard Qiao Anhao's usual soft voice say from behind him, "I know, Aunt Xu. I'll go tomorrow. I'm about to start filming now. I can't talk right now… Mhmm... Bye."

Lu Jinnian strode down the stairs. Who knew what happened, but he missed a step. Luckily, his assistant behind him was quick to react and pulled him up. He then asked in low voice, "Mr. Lu, are you okay?"

Lu Jinnian didn't speak, but composed himself, and strode right over to the set. 

Tomorrow, Xu Jiamu will be discharged... Didn't they say it'd be as soon as a month, or as long as two months’ time? It had only been half a month, how come Xu Jiamu's about to be discharged? With Xu Jiamu discharged, then will he, as his replacement, bow out with his mission accomplished?

Bow out with his mission accomplished... Did it mean that they wouldn't be able to pretend to be husband and wife any longer?

This afternoon, they went to the movies, and the atmosphere was clearly good. How did the winds suddenly turn and break the two of them up again?

After Qiao Anhao finished her make-up, she walked on set. Lu Jinnian wasn't there. After the director instructed her on what to focus on during the shoot, it was then that she saw Lu Jinnian emerge on his own, walking over the wooden bridge from behind the forest.

Seeing Lu Jinnian walk over, the director immediately signaled for all the staff to get into position. After adjusting the lighting and cameras, they officially started filming. 

The scene started off with a group of people sitting in a room, drinking and singing. Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian never really interacted with each other, so much so that they didn't even once glance at the other.

When the cameras had enough of those shots, Qiao Anhao and a striking male actor started to sing a song together. Lu Jinnian drank one cup after another of the water that was supposedly wine. He kept his head down, never looking up at the perfect couple singing together.

When the singing finally stopped, everyone clapped. Just when everyone thought both of them were ready to move on, the man who Qiao Anhao had sung with unexpectedly crouched down in front of everyone and gave a heartfelt proposal, "Will you marry me?"

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