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Paris is a shopping haven. Since the first day Zhao Meng landed in Paris, she had been crying about going shopping. However, because work was so hectic, Qiao Anhao had to wait for their schedule to free up to be able to go shopping. That happened to be the day before they had to fly back to Beijing.

Zhao Meng drafted a shopping list before they went out As they walked out the door, Qiao Anhao looked at Zhao Meng's very long list of items and complained that she was impulsive when she had money. In the end, whilst shopping, Qiao Anhao, who hadn't originally planned on buying anything, actually went crazy with shopping, and bought more than Zhao Meng.

Eventually, when she bought more than she could carry, she got Zhao Meng to help her carry her bags. Zhao Meng looked at the big and small bags they were carrying, and noticed that eighty percent of those bags were Qiao Anhao's. She couldn't help but use her friend’s earlier complaints back at her. "Qiao Qiao, you had the decency to say that I'm impulsive when I have money. I see now that that's you!"

Zhao Meng then shook her head and said with an envious tone, "But there's no helping it. Who said you had to have a rich husband like Mr. Lu!"

Qiao Anhao, who was at the Chanel counter choosing necklaces, heard Zhao Meng's words, and the necklace dropped straight onto the counter from her trembling hands. She apologized frantically to the sales staff with an unnatural expression on her face. Then she pointed at the two necklaces she had her eye on for the sales staff to wrap up.

The last stop for Zhao Meng and Qiao Anhao was Hermes. Way before Zhao Meng arrived, she had already chosen a men's wallet for her boyfriend on the internet. When she asked the sales staff to help her wrap it up, she casually asked Qiao Anhao, "Qiao Qiao, do you want to choose a present for Mr. Lu?"

Qiao Anhao, who stood aside, paused for a very long time, then shook her head. It was difficult for anyone to read what she was thinking. She lowered her eyes and didn't make a sound.

When the two of then emerged out of Hermes, they had already used up all their energy, so they found a cafe to rest.

Zhao Meng got her phone out and took two photos of her conquests from the afternoon. She posted them up on the Moments, then looked at Qiao Anhao, who was looking out the window in a daze. She brought her phone up and took a photo, then casually handed it to Qiao Anhao, saying, "Look! Qiao Qiao, I took a good photo of you, right? You can post it up on Weibo."

After a pause, Zhao Meng added, "Qiao Qiao, as your agent, I feel like I’m obligated to remind you that you haven't updated your Weibo in a long time."

Qiao Anhao looked away but took her phone. She looked at the photo Zhao Meng had taken. It looked fine, so she uploaded it onto Weibo with the caption: France, Paris, Finish.

After she posted it on Weibo, out of habit, Qiao Anhao wrote in the two words, "Lu Jinnian". Just as she was about to click search, her finger slightly curved, and in the end, she exited Weibo.

Qiao Anhao stared at her phone for a long time, then opened her photo album. She clicked onto the photo she had secretly taken when Lu Jinnian was sleeping.

As she was busy with work for half a month, and she'd been avoiding some people who she didn't want to be in touch with, it made her feel like everything was normal. However, suddenly hearing his name from Zhao Meng's mouth on her day of relaxation, it made her realize that the feeling of missing someone was deep-rooted in her blood and bones.

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