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Ch.23 Concerning the Evening Party

Am I participating in the evening party? Not to boast, but I have set foot in the royal palace, and so forth, once at the time of the wedding. My parents, with minimum socialising visited several times, but they could not afford to bring me with them.   

"Is it an, option?"

Maybe not understanding the meaning the Duke makes a taken-aback expression.

"Yes. I think in the first negotiation there was not talk about going out to social occasion"            

I explain about the reason I said option. When the contents of the contract were explained, nothing was said about social events. I think, surely, it is an option [outside the contract].

It is a noble duke house, so it seems that there has been a lot of social and evening party invites so far. (Mimosa discussion).

But to those it seems he participated by taking Calendula with him (Dahlia discussion).

So this time I expected he would do the same as usual, but as he is still eating dinner here, I guess the Duke has not made peace with Calendula. Therefore him not inviting her to the evening party, equals taking me, probably.

In listening to the core of 'Are you fighting or something with her?' once and for all, I think there is something,

"U-mm, errr, are you not going with her?"

I gently try ask.

"Yes, well"

The Duke answers evasively  

"Is she unwell?"

I try asking, getting to the core a little more,

"No, well, yeah. Something like that"

He answers, evasively, and furthermore, he does not meet my gaze. This is certainly fighting!

However thinking properly, this is a official evening party invitation from the royal family. It is not like a private meeting held at a noble household somewhere. It is a formal event, so would not  attending with Calendula be clumsy? Therefore those that think that the Duke reluctantly brought the conversation to me are right.

So the Duke's evasive responses!  

Well I have consented a little inside me, so I look up at the Duke staring straight at those dark beautiful eyes,    

"Understood. When is it?"

I tightly nod.

"In two weeks time"

Maybe because he obtained my consent, the Duke, who had a flustered feeling up till now, his eye's focus and meet mine. If it is in two weeks time, there is plenty of time. Eh? Plenty for what? It is plenty for deciding on various preparations! There will be interactions with young women who are predicted to be mainly set on being unkind. It is probably destiny? But well, that boohoo.

"Understood. Mimosa, is there a dress?"

Listening to the Duke's reply I look over shoulder, I confirm with Mimosa who is in waiting there.  

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