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Zhang Tie arrived at Saint Herner Island the next evening, some hours later than the estimated arrival time because his passenger liner met a heavy wind the previous night which slowed its sailing speed.

Saint Herner Island was over 1000 km north of Akurey Island. The temperature here was obviously lower than that of Akurey Island.

The moment the passenger liner arrived at the port, passengers who had stayed on board for dozens of hours had disembarked hurriedly. Many of them were carrying luggage, some even held sabers or swords, except for Zhang Tie whose hands were empty.

Zhang Tie didn't notice that his hands were empty until he disembarked. He looked really eye-catching. This look didn't match a pioneer's status at all. 'It seems that I have to go to a store for some pioneer products on Saint Herner Island.'

Albeit there were some pioneer equipment and appliances in the Castle of Black Iron which were bought in Stars Viewing City, they were utterly different than the styles of those items used by those pioneers on the Ewentra Archipelago. If he wore them, he would tell others that he was a newbie coming from afar. That would be stupid!

Especially due to the climate of the Ewentra Archipelago and the Ice and Snow Wilderness, pioneers here were wearing utterly different outfits than those in Jinyun Country. Of course, Zhang Tie who only wanted to increase his fighting strength calmly would not turn him into a spotlight only for saving a few gold coins.

There were mountains of products in the port of Saint Herner Island. Those tall tower cranes were constantly discharging goods from those super huge steamers. Zhang Tie found most of the goods were wood, ores, and square linen parcels that contained various animal hides. There were so many warehouses in the port while many workers were loading and moving these goods between warehouses and steamers.

The wharf was bustling. This place was much more prosperous than Akurey Island. Besides the larger population, the industry and trade here were also obviously more developed.

Zhang Tie also saw some dockyards near the port. The Zhang Clan was building ships in Jinhai City. Having visited the shipyard of Zhang Clan, Zhang Tie knew a bit about building streamers. At the sight of those docks near the wharf, Zhang Tie instantly judged that all the docks were capable of building huge streamers of tens of thousands of tons with varying sizes and platforms.

Besides being more prosperous than Akurey Island, this place looked more barbarous as the overseers on the wharf would ferociously lash those carriers with their whips and would shout loudly at any time...

Zhang Tie also noticed some primitive people with weird tattoos on their faces and bodies barging about among the crowd. Even those pirates who wore skull horns with fierce fat faces also arrived while carrying sabers, sword, and shields.

Since he left the passenger liner at the ticketing window of the port, Zhang Tie had already witnessed 2 battles. The surrounding people were not even interested in watching the battles at all as they had seen similar scenes so many times. Of course, no sheriffs or policemen would care about them.

"Give me the latest steamer ticket to the Ice and Snow Wilderness!" As the line in front of the ticketing window was not long, Zhang Tie had gotten a chance to buy his ticket in only 3 minutes.

An old man with a brandy nose was sitting behind the ticketing window. After glancing at Zhang Tie, the old man slightly and lazily waved his head as he mumbled, "Another pioneer wanting to make a fortune in the Ice and Snow Wilderness? The latest passenger liner will set out in 5 days. There are VIP, first-class, second-class and economy-class cabins, which one do you want?"

"What's the difference?"

"16 gold coins for VIP, 7 gold coins for first-class, 4 gold coins for second-class, one person per cabin. Three free meals available for VIP and first-class. 80 silver coins for economy-class, passengers stay in one big cabin. Which do you want?"

The ticket prices really startled Zhang Tie. They were too expensive as they could even match that of airship tickets, "How come they're so expensive?"

"It has to pass the Devil North Wind Belt of Auro Strait, you tell me why!"

After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie gave him 4 gold coins, "Give me a second-class ticket!"

The old man then manipulated the ticketing machine, causing a series of "dadada" sounds. A few seconds later, he gave Zhang Tie his ticket. Taking the ticket, Zhang Tie took a glance at it and found that the ticket read——10:00 am, Jul.31st; No. 7 Pier, Saint Herner Harbor, Blue Polar Whale; Second-Class Cabin G614; Boarding with this ticket.

'It seems that I have to stay here a few days.' Thinking about this, Zhang Tie left the ticketing window.

On the streets outside the harbor, there were many people. Zhang Tie looked around and found various shops on both sides of the streets.

Zhang Tie didn't walk too far away. Instead, he chose an average, tidy inn that was less than a 20 minute walk from the harbor.

The management in the hotel was stricter than the pioneers' inn as it needed to register the ID number of the guest. Zhang Tie presented his latest ID certificate in front of the counter——an ID certificate of a countryman of Holy Golden Orchid Empire. A very average name was beside his photo——Peter Hamplester.

Zhang Tie estimated that there were at least 10,000 people shared the same name across the Blackson Human Race Corridor. He remembered some guys called Peter at school in Blackhot City.

Zhang Tie then settled down on Saint Herner Island and waited for boarding. In the blink of an eye, 2 days had passed.

In the past 2 days, Zhang Tie also learned about the situation in the sea close to Saint Herner Island. On some small isles, there were many seals and walruses. Many people were living on these animals. However, these animals were kind in temperament and rarely attacked people. Although they were mammals living in the sea, their population were not hostile towards humans. Therefore, according to the generation rules of seven-strength fruits, Zhang Tie would not kill those poor animals.

However, those mutated seals and walruses were different. The bloody seals and huge walruses close to Saint Herner Island were existences that scared sailors a lot as the 2 species both liked to attack people and small fishers, which had caused a lot of disasters in the area.

However, the 2 species didn't have a large population near Saint Herner Island. They mostly lived in the Blueedge Strait to the east of the Ice and Snow Wilderness. Therefore, Zhang Tie had to go to Ice and Snow Wilderness to look for bloody seals and huge walruses which wasn't contradictory to his previous plan.

Only after slightly changing his route on the map, Zhang Tie settled down in the hotel.

On the 3rd day, Heller wanted him to collect some special plant seeds on the island. Zhang Tie also wanted to buy some equipment to respond to the climate of the Ice and Snow Wilderness. Therefore, after supper, he left the hotel.

He soon bought the necessary equipment at cost of less than 4 gold coins. With a hat made of sea dog's hide on his head, a pair of gloves made of a bear's hide on his hands, a multi-purpose cloak made of fox's hide on his back, and a heavy pioneer sword that could be used in the sea and on the land in hand, Zhang Tie looked no different than those pioneers on the streets.

Although the necessary equipment, Zhang Tie only bought some plant seeds wanted by Heller in a small store of a remote suburban farmers market after wandering for several hours in the downtown area.

After putting the seeds into his backpack, Zhang Tie found that small stores had closed as it was already past 10 pm.

Zhang Tie then returned according to the route in his memory...


There were a few people on the suburban road in the evening. Two rows of tall birches were standing on both sides of the road. After walking for over 20 minutes, Zhang Tie only met 3-5 people. Of course, Zhang Tie would not be afraid of walking alone in the evening, additionally, he had night vision...

Seeing lamplights casting from behind, Zhang Tie hurriedly moved aside on the roadside stones. Ten seconds later, 6 cars passed by Zhang Tie, 1 of them passed a small puddle and splattered mud onto Zhang Tie's pants.

"F*ck!", Zhang Tie swore loudly. However, the driver didn't care about his feeling at all; in a wink, the team of 6 cars had gone dozens of meters away.

Besides swear, Zhang Tie didn't do anything else. However, the moment Zhang Tie was preparing to wipe the mud off his pants, Zhang Tie saw a birch several meters in diameter falling down in front of him and directly hit the hood of the first car, which forced the whole team to park at once. The last 2 vehicles failed to decelerate on time and directly crashed onto the ends of the front cars.

"Retreat!" Someone in one of the 6 cars roared. Although it was dozens meters ahead of him, Zhang Tie could still hear it clearly.

The roar was followed by shiny axes flying out of the pine woods on the roadside like locusts.


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