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Chapter 1399: Erased History

"Back when the ten of us came to this world, the seal had already existed for countless years. It's been so many years since and the seal still remains. It's stopping all the people of this world from reaching the Origin realm. I wonder who cast it down and what their intentions were. It's because of this seal that Guihai Yidao and I remain at the peak of Saint Emperor and are unable to reach the Origin realm," explained Yang Lie helplessly.

Jian Chen became filled with even more doubt. He said, "Since you say that no one can reach the Origin realm in this world, why did the four champions appear in ancient times, and why has an Origin realm expert appeared recently in the tungsten alloy mine near Flame City?"

"There were no Origin realm experts before we had started our reincarnations. We only learned about the four champions from the ancient times after reincarnating. We don't know the exact details regarding the four of them either. However, we once visited our clans after regaining our memories to search through their archives and to look into everything that happened in ancient times. Other than the war G.o.d Aergyns among the four champions, there were no records regarding the Winged Tiger G.o.d, Mo Tianyun, or the sea G.o.ddess at all. According to the ancient records, Mo Tianyun, the Winged Tiger G.o.d, and the sea G.o.ddess seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. There were no records of their growth at all. They just appeared with strength at the Origin realm," Yang Lie said with heavy emotions.

"Maybe the three of them aren't from this world either and came from a higher world as well?" Jian Chen wondered in surprise. However, he had already confirmed that Mo Tianyun came from another world. He did not know much about the Winged Tiger G.o.d from ancient times.

"That's not very possible," Guihai Yidao shook his head. After a moment of silence, he said, "In this sealed world, there are only three ways for an Origin realm expert to appear. The first way would be to be stronger than the person who had initially cast down the seal. Then you would be able to directly ignore its existence. The second way would be to be born as a spirit of the world. These spirits possess the strength of the Origin realm as soon as they are born. Two have already appeared, one from Mercenary City and the other being the golden-clothed boy who follows you around. The third way includes being an existence like the war G.o.d of the Hundred Races. The war G.o.d is born from the world and is extremely powerful. It is a supreme existence, a being known as the G.o.d race in the saints' world. The sea may be powerful, but it is not enough to restrict it.

"The first possibility can be ignored, and the third possibility is not very likely either because there are just far too few races that are born from the world like the war G.o.d. As a result, the second possibility is the most likely one."

"Why would a person plant a seal to stop people from reaching the Origin realm?" Jian Chen mumbled. He could not understand the reasoning no matter how hard he tried. He already had a vague idea of who the person was. To him, there was no other person powerful enough other than the mysterious protector Shui of the arctic Ice G.o.ddess Hall.

"The real reason why a mysterious expert would have planted the seal would probably have been to stop people from entering the Saints' World. When we first arrived here, we discovered some traces from an era even more ancient than the one we came from. We are certain that there were a few Origin realm experts in that era, but they all vanished for some reason. When we discovered these traces, we had a person who had come from a big sect use a secret technique to view the origins of the traces. He searched through time and discovered an extremely shocking piece of news in the end. All the Origin realm experts from the even more ancient era had all died due to some reason, but it was not just them. Many Saint Emperors had died as well. Most of these traces had been secretly erased by someone through a great technique, which is why no news has surfaced," Guihai Yidao became extremely stern. This piece of news was extremely horrible for them because they did not know whether the disaster from the ancient era would happen in this era as well.

Jian Chen was astounded. The news was just far too shocking. He never would have thought that the world had experienced such a cataclysm before the protector clans existed. It made him shiver inside.

"Could it be done by her?" Jian Chen could not help but think of the protector Shui from the arctic Ice G.o.ddess Hall. Her origins were a mystery and she was at least an Origin realm expert, possibly even more than that. At the same time, no one knew just when the Ice G.o.ddess Hall had appeared on the icy tundra to the north.

"Great-grandfather, senior, do you know about the arctic Ice G.o.ddess Hall?" Jian Chen hesitated before making up his mind to ask his seniors. After all, the two of them knew very much already.

Yang Lie and Guihai Yidao both shifted their gazes to the depths of the north sea.

They were currently at the northern most point of the Tian Yuan Continent. Close ahead was the northern sea, and deep within the sea lay the icy tundra where the Ice G.o.ddess Hall stood.

Yang Lie and Guihai Yidao gazed deeply into the furthest reaches of the sea and remained silent.

Only a long while later did Yang Lie slowly say, "We knew about the existence of the mysteries in the icy tundra back then. The ten of us once tried to explore that place, but we were unable to get very far. The place was terrifyingly cold, where even in our peak condition, we would have still ended up as ice statues from the cold. As a result, we left the matter be and never set foot there again. However, the icy tundra had already been labeled as a forbidden zone by us. No one knows the secrets inside. Only when we woke up in this life did we learn the secrets. There is actually an extremely mysterious divine hall hidden there.

"And while we were reincarnating, the mysterious expert had moved once more. This time, he had gone even more overboard, actually sealing up the origin energy into the very depths of the universe, causing the origin energy on the Tian Yuan Continent to become thinner and thinner before disappearing all together. He even disrupted the laws of the world, making breakthroughs even more difficult for people. There's almost no hope of becoming a Saint Emperor either," Guihai Yidao said unhappily. He felt both fear and hatred for this mysterious expert.

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