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Chapter 1429: Ten-thousand-year-old Icesouls (One)

Within the snow-white, sculpture-like Ice Goddess Hall, the armored protector Shui sat on her bed of ice like a statue. She gradually opened her eyes before hesitating slightly. With a gentle wave of her hand, the space outside the Ice Goddess Hall immediately began to distort. The Ice Goddess Hall rapidly blurred in the distorted space, vanishing in the blink of an eye.

The icy tundra remained the same as before, except the Ice Goddess Hall that had stood there for countless years had vanished.

"I've already moved the Ice Goddess Hall into a separate space, isolating it from the outside world. I hope Jian Chen's arrival will not disturb her majesty," protector Shui murmured to herself in the Ice Goddess Hall. A sliver of helplessness was present in her icy-cold and emotionless eyes.

"I may not be able to make things difficult for Jian Chen because of Mo Tianyun, but I can stop her majesty from seeing Jian Chen since her majesty insists on giving a ten-thousand-year-old Icesoul to him and I cannot change her mind."

At the same time, Changyang Mingyue who was in another room of the divine hall suddenly roused from her cultivation. A sliver of doubt flickered through her eyes as she mumbled, "Weird. Why do I suddenly feel uneasy?"

Changyang Mingyue pondered with a frown for a while and lost interest in cultivation. She stood up and made her way out of her room, headed to protector Shui's side. She asked, "Protector Shui, it's been several years already, so why has my brother still not come? Has my brother come across some problems?"

Protector Shui gradually opened her eyes and rather politely said, "Your majesty, your brother is completely fine. He is currently busying himself with the matter of fending off the World of Forsaken Saints, which is why he has not come." Protector Shui was worried that Changyang Mingyue would think of going to the Tian Yuan Continent to help out Jian Chen again so she added, "Your brother now has the power to face off against Origin realm fighters. The foreign invasion is not enough to threaten him."

In order to make Changyang Mingyue believe what she said, protector Shui waved her hand and used an ability to condense a mirror of ice before her. It displayed the scene when Jian Chen had massacred the Saint Emperors from the foreign world with the Zi Ying Sword.

Changyang Mingyue could not help but smile happily when she saw how her brother was rampaging through the Saint Emperors in an unstoppable manner. She mumbled, "I never thought my brother was so strong."

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