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He continued to the end one of the youngest of aged men. He kept in touch with youth and was thus able to reflect the spirit and intense interest of youth. He was constantly aiding boys in his home who needed help in their studies. He gave of himself ungrudgingly in this way and refused recompense. It was with him a labor of love. If he had frailties, and who of us has not, he governed them instead of letting them have dominion over him, thereby showing himself better "than he that taketh a city." For his pupils and his a.s.sociates as well as for those who a.s.sociated with him in his Christian work in the College Street Church he was always the gentleman of the old school and the embodiment of un.o.btrusive beneficence combined.

All boys and girls who may be inclined to bewail the impossibility of being of service under present conditions or limitations will establish their privilege of serving as he served, if they bear thoroughly in mind that Professor Putney did what he did, not through the aid of wealth or position or the favor of powerful friends, but solely through his own individual service to others.

Of such it is written "that he shall doubtless come again with rejoicing bringing his sheaves with him." In the years to follow the sheaves of influence of Professor Putney's life will come many times to the youth whose privilege it has been to be a.s.sociated with him, and they will rejoice that his influence entered their careers. Who shall measure the influences for good that he has set in motion in the young lives and in the life of our community? Happy the man to whom it is thus given to grow old beautifully! Thrice happy that man who in thus growing old beautifully is able to bring down to the latest generations the best traditions of the past and through them to make his life a benediction to many generations to come.--_Burlington Free Press._


He Toiled long, well, and with Good Cheer In the Service of Others Giving his Whole, Asking little Enduring patiently, Complaining Not at all With small Means Effecting Much


He had no Strength that was not Useful No Weakness that was not Lovable No Aim that was not Worthy No Motive that was not Pure

Ever he Bent His Eye upon the Task Undone Ever he Bent His Soul upon the Stars His Heart upon The Sun

Bravely he Met His Test Richly he Earned His Rest


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